How New Riders Can Rent Different Motorcycles Before Purchasing

An EagleRider motorcycle expert shows a new female rider how to operate a motorcycle in a large garage.

By Shawn Fechter, SVP of Brand Experience – EagleRider

For anyone who’s ever seen someone riding down the highway on a motorcycle and thought, ‘that looks fun!’, the next thoughts are most likely very daunting. 

How do I learn to ride? 

How much is a motorcycle? 

Which bike is right for me? 

What would I even do with it after I buy one?

I bet you didn’t know that getting in the saddle is much easier than you might think. A smart way to explore motorcycle ownership and know which bike will make you the happiest is through renting. Not to mention, it’s also a fantastic way to experience adventure and free yourself from the confines of everyday life.

But First! Before you Rent

Deciding to learn how to ride a motorcycle is an exciting step toward a thrilling new adventure, and you will be eager to start. However, it would help if you did a few things before renting a motorcycle.

Find a training course – You’re not required to take a motorcycle training course but will need a license to rent. These classes can help familiarize you with riding mechanics and often have a licensing study component. Some, such as the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s Basic RiderCourseSM, even have a licensing waiver for specific states. Some motorcycle dealerships or your state’s DMV might also offer training courses.

Get your license – If you decide not to take a training course, you’ll need to study for practice and get your license on your own. Be sure to connect with your local DMV to learn the requirements for licensure.

Gear up – Safety is a priority for motorcyclists, and that means getting the proper equipment to keep you secure on the road. This includes a correctly fitted helmet, jacket, boots or other over-ankle foot covering, and riding gloves. There are other options, but these are the basics. Remember to wear sturdy pants such as quality jeans or riding pants.

When shopping for gear, ask yourself, “what are my heads, feet, and legs worth?”

Then, Rent Different Motorcycles

Once you have your license, purchasing a motorcycle right away could be tempting. After all, you’re finally ready to hit the road. Exciting! But slow your roll and consider renting first. This will allow you to test different bikes for longer periods and hone your riding skills, perhaps allowing you to purchase a more advanced bike from the get-go.  In the long run, this phased approach to motorcycle ownership will save you money because it will ensure you make the smartest investment possible.

Consider the riding you want to do most. Then, think about the ergonomics of the motorcycle you want to ride. Details such as seat height, seating position (upright, forward-leaning, neutral), and exposure (naked street bike, slightly protected commuter bike, or full-faired touring bike). 

When you’re ready to start riding, think about what size of bike you can handle—the biggest, fastest, most technically advanced. Renting can help you answer these questions before you buy.

Thanks to EagleRider, renting is much easier than it seems on paper. With no commitment to buy, one only needs a motorcycle license to rent from a huge selection of motorcycles from more than 150 locations worldwide. This empowers aspiring riders to try out the experience of riding entry-level bikes and see if they’re comfortable moving forward to more high-powered models. They can try another model and move up the motorcycle food chain.

A possible progression could start with lighter-weight models and go up to heavier/more powerful options. For instance:

Yamaha R3 – Lighter weight which makes it easier to maneuver and brake

Yamaha XSR900 – This cruiser will kick it up a notch with a bit more power

Triumph Bonneville T100 or Scrambler – Responsive for more challenging, scenic roads and hairpins

Mid-Size Harley-Davidson (Softail, Street Glide, or Road Glide) – More weight and power, but not at an expert level yet

BMW R 1250 GS – Lots of power and torque for incredible speed and performance

With EagleRider’s Club EagleRider membership program, customers can often return to test a variety of motorcycles while experiencing major savings and even join guided tours through America’s most inspiring landscapes and iconic roadways. This is also a good way to test bikes for longer adventures, as Chloe did for her first big ride. If you spend entire days in the saddle of your new bike on long road trips or tours, you’ll want to make sure you love the comfort and handling before purchase.

Chloe went on her first big ride in the beautiful state of Montana with EagleRider.

Happy Riders Test Different Motorcycles

Riding a motorcycle is a completely freeing experience that might seem overwhelming. However, once you have your license and gear, you must find the right bike. Renting with EagleRider’s Club Membership means that novice riders can familiarize themselves with different motorcycles and become more experienced on the road before purchase.

Most importantly, renting takes the uncertainty out of ownership and ensures you buy a motorcycle you love. 

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