How It Feels To Be ALIVE

“We traveled three weeks through the northern Himalayas of India, from Himachal Pradesh to Kashmir. It was a journey from valleys to peaks up to 5000m. We experienced a massive amount of different cultures, three major religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, met incredible people, saw never seen before nature and walked right next to the wildest animals. It´s nearly impossible to recreate this experience and our feelings and to compress it to just 3 minutes. So I tried to express the spirit of our journey. What we felt more than anything else, is to be alive.”

Directed, edited, voice over & sounddesign –
Soundmix by Studio Funk
Music by Evgeny Teilor – „Count Of Tuscany“
& Max LL – „Departures“
Additional SFX by

Inspired by the wonderful words of Paulo Coelho and J.A. Baker.

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