H+I Adventures Launches New International E-MTB Tours for 2020

H+I Adventures is excited to lead the charge in the “e-volution” of mountain bike travel, launching a new collection of international tours designed specifically for e-mountain bikes in 2020. Riders will experience sensational landscapes, take on challenging climbs and thrilling descents, and enjoy culinary and cultural experiences in Namibia, Croatia, Switzerland, Slovenia, and Spain, going farther and faster with the assistance of an E-MTB. Depending on the destination, eight- to 12-day departures are available May through October 2020, with starting prices ranging from $2,828/£1,950 to $5,075/£3,500 per person based on double occupancy. Call 1-888-228-5035 or visit https://www.mountainbikeworldwide.com/e-mtb-tours for more information.

Responding to the increase in popularity of e-mountain bikes, technological advances and customer demand, H+I spent years researching the specific needs of E-MTB equipment and riders. Rather than simply adding e-bikes as an option on its traditional mountain bike adventures, H+I developed a separate category of tours to compliment them on which all riders use E-MTBs.

“We recognized early on that e-mountain biking is different from traditional mountain biking and could not just be ‘bolted on’ to our existing adventures without compromise,” said Euan Wilson, CEO of H+I Adventures. “We wanted to take time to learn as much as we could about e-mountain bikes, E-MTB riders and travel by E-MTB, and we’ve designed these new tours to allow riders to join the next ‘e-volution’ of mountain bike travel.”

Among the needs H+I took into consideration in designing its new tours are avoiding trails where lifting or carrying the bike would be required or where there are substantial river crossings, factoring in battery life and charging time, and selecting destinations where e-mountain biking is already popular, where good quality bike rentals are available and where local guides have significant experience with E-MTB.

“Among the growing number of e-mountain bike fans are many of our guides, so it made sense to craft the first of our E-MTB adventures in those destinations where our guides had the most experience,” Wilson said.

H+I Adventures’ new E-MTB tour destinations include:

E-MTB Safari of Namibia: Pedal across vast plains and sand dunes, spotting zebra, kudu, and oryx, and connecting with local communities along the way. Twelve-day departures available Aug. 9 and Oct. 4, 2020, starting at $5,075/£3,500 per person based on double occupancy.

E-MTB Tour in Croatia: Journey from the lush green interior of Istria to quiet coastal singletrack and the piercing blue waters of the Adriatic Sea. Eight-day departures available May 17, June 21 and Aug. 29, 2020, starting at $3,698/£2,550 per person based on double occupancy.

E-MTB Tour in Switzerland: Put the seamless Swiss transport system to use accessing backcountry riding and flow trails in the beautiful Graubünden region. Eight-day departures available July 11, Aug. 22 and Sept. 19, 2020, starting at $3,988/£2,750 per person based on double occupancy.

E-MTB Tour in Slovenia: Become immersed in Slovenia, Austria, and Italy while riding from the Julian Alps to the shimmering Adriatic Sea. Eight-day departures available July 11, Aug. 15 and Sept. 13, 2020, starting at $3,263/£2,250 per person based on double occupancy.

E-MTB Tour in Spain: Circumnavigate Andalucía’s Sierra Nevada from white-washed mountain villages to desert badlands and historic Granada, enjoying local cheeses, Jamon, and red wine. Eight-day departures available May 9, Sept. 26 and Oct. 24, 2020, starting $2,828/£1,950 at per person based on double occupancy.

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