Fun/Suffer Divide: Conservation Through Participation

A backcountry bike packing adventure commissioned by evo, Chris Shalbot chose a section of the Continental Divide to tell his story: a lesson in participation as an act of conservation. With the current plight of our outdoor spaces in America, it’s easy to feel “doom and gloom,” but what this trip proves is that any one of us can have a positive impact on what tomorrow hold for these environments by simply getting out there and visiting them.

Access to remote backcountry trails aboard a mountain bike is becoming more and more challenging. Ride along on the Fun/Suffer Divide with Chris Shalbot, Scott Rinckenberger and Justin Olsen as the trio discovers a stretch of the Continental Divide Trail between Montana and Idaho in the hopes of shedding some light on this beautiful stretch of country, all while inspiring others to explore too. Rewarded with views, memories and most importantly, a sense of accomplishment that will last a lifetime, the crew proves that a pathway to preservation exists through discovery and use.

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