Free Roaming: Mountain Biking the South African Eastern Cape 

Follow Sharjah Jonsson on this adventure as he free roams the South African Eastern Cape in search of new and fresh riding locations. This project is about capturing the community, culture, and adventure of mountain bike riding and how it has shaped him into who he is today. 

In the film, they traveled for 12 days in the camper van, trying to see and do as much as possible with a few earmarked stops, bikes, cameras, and much banter between Mac, James, and Sharjah. In these 12 days, they traveled 2000km seeing some of South Africa’s most beautiful and raw landscapes. These memories created together are extraordinary, and I hold them close to their heart.

Note from Sharjah Jonsson: “A special thanks to South Industries and Coolheat for supporting this project as I produced my first feature film and had faith in me to do so.”

Mountain Biking the South African Eastern Cape 

The Eastern Cape has a wide variety of terrain, from rolling hills to steep mountains. This means there are trails to suit all abilities, from beginner to expert. Everyone can ride!

The Eastern Cape is home to some of the most spectacular scenery in South Africa. From the lush forests of the Tsitsikamma to the rugged mountains of the Baviaanskloof, there are plenty of opportunities to take in stunning views while you’re out riding.

The Eastern Cape is also home to various wildlife, including elephants, rhinos, and lions. You may even get to see some of these fantastic creatures while you’re out riding.

The mountain biking trails in the Eastern Cape are generally well-maintained. This means you can enjoy a ride without worrying about getting lost or encountering insurmountable obstacles.

Finally, The Eastern Cape has a mild climate, so you can enjoy mountain biking all year round. However, the best time to go is during the spring (September-November) or autumn (March-May) when the weather is not too hot or cold.

Popular Trails on the South African Eastern Cape

Norm-Hudlin MTB Trails in Addo Elephant National Park: These trails offer a variety of challenges, from easy to difficult. The park is also home to many elephants, so you may get to see some of these majestic creatures while you’re out riding.

Mountain Drive Loop in Camdeboo National Park: This moderate loop takes you through some of the park’s most scenic areas. Be sure to stop and check out the Giant’s Cup, a natural rock formation that resembles a giant’s cup.

Baby Monkey Trail in Sardinia Bay Nature Reserve: This is a fun and challenging trail that takes you through various terrain, including singletrack, jeep tracks, and beaches.

Black Mamba Trail in Jeffrey’s Bay: This fast and technical trail is perfect for experienced riders. The trail is named after the black mamba snake, one of Africa’s most venomous snakes.

East Bank MTB in Port Alfred is a long and challenging trail that takes you along the banks of the East Bank River. The trail has twists and turns, with some steep climbs and descents.

All of the listed trails are courtesy of AllTrails.

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