Following The Horseman – Riding Lesotho

There are few roads in Lesotho. There are even fewer mountain bikers. Here the horse is supreme and the myriad horse trails that have been carved through its steep and rugged mountains are its lifeblood. Horsemen ply these trails, just as they have for generations, riding between villages that have remained unchanged over centuries. Amidst this scene frozen in time is Isaac, a twenty-two year old horseman who is bridging the gap between old and new. For a week in April 2017, Isaac – or Leputhing Molapo to use his Basotho name – rode a 180 Kilometre traverse of the mountains of his home country. It was a ride like his father had done before him, but this time he was leading two mountain bikers.

Following Isaac were Canadian freerider Kevin Landry and Swiss ex-downhill racer Claudio Caluori, both embarking on a journey that will showcase the beautiful unknown landscapes of this small country. Riding only horse trails, it’s a journey laden with physical challenges for all, but it’s a journey that will cement friendships between a traditional blanket-wearing horseman and two state-of-the-art bike-wielding mountain bikers.
For two pioneering mountain bikers this ride is the most adventurous undertaking they have ever made. For one horseman, its a ride that heralds a new dawn.

HAVE A GOOD ONE conceived and co-ordinated this unique adventure. In April 2017 they travelled to Lesotho and working with Sky Adventures to provide support and logistics, they set out to document this journey and the unique chapter in Lesotho’s history it represents. Driven by their passion to create a unique film, Tobias Steinigeweg and Maximilian Stolarow shared the rocky trails and high mountain passes and abandoned trading post accommodations with the riders.

Following The Horsemen is a film that not only highlights the potential of Lesotho as a new adventure destination, but also provides an invaluable glimpse into its heritage through the country’s iconic horsemen.


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