Fliteboard is the World’s First Unibody e-foil

Fliteboard is an electric-powered hydrofoil that gives the sensation of flying over water. Carving effortlessly, Fliteboard gives you the freedom to ride anywhere, without wind or waves. Emission-free, wake free and virtually silent, ushering in a new category of environmentally friendly powered watercraft.

Man surfing the Fliteboard e-foil on calm water.

Fliteboard Product Details

  • Noise Free
  • A quiet electric motor won’t disturb the environment.
  • Emission Free
  • Guilt-free zero-emission propulsion system.
  • Wake Free
  • Fly above the water without a splash.
  • Design
  • Purposeful design
  • Every detail of Fliteboard has been refined for maximum performance, durability, beauty, and enjoyment.
Three surfers riding the Fliteboard e-foil

Effortless propulsion

Fly quietly above the water for up to 1 hour 30 minutes (80kg rider) with Fliteboards’ dynamic eFoil propulsion system, with speeds up to 45km/h.
Unibody fuselage — The highest performance eFoil design. Unlike all other eFoil systems Fliteboard motor is built into our patent-pending unibody hydrofoil fuselage. This importantly positions the thrust directly behind the front wing, instead of above the fuselage in a separate enclosure. There are FIVE main benefits to the Fliteboard propulsion system including:

A) Far superior stability. Rather the motor pushing like a lever from 10cm above the front wing, the thrust is pushing directly behind the front wing. This results in much more consistent wing balance regardless of the amount of thrust is applied.

B) Because Fliteboard uses one fuselage and motor structure instead of two, our system has a less wetted surface area, which means less drag and greater efficiency.

C) The Fliteboard unibody fuselage is made from one piece of aluminum. This creates a strong and watertight enclosure and reduces the potential for breakage by combining metals and plastics with fasteners as used by other systems. Because aluminum is an excellent heat conductor, the Fliteboard motor is efficiently cooled through the aluminum when operating in the water.

D) The Fliteboard propulsion system uses a reduction gearbox, which generates greater torque from a higher spinning motor. This means we can use a smaller diameter motor. As a result, the Fliteboard fuselage has the smallest diameter in the market with only 60mm diameter. This results in better Hydrodynamic efficiency and therefore performance.

E) Another advantage of the unibody fuselage is a longer effective mast length. This allows riders to ride higher above the chop and carve tighter turns with greater lean angles. There is greater flexibility in the variation of ride height without the motor breaching the surface.

Fliteboard reveals the world's most advanced e-foil system.

Flitebox — The most user-friendly eFoil system

The patented Flitebox system is the waterproof box at the top of the mast that houses the motor controller and other electronics. This system is totally unique has many advantages:

A) The motor controller is permanently connected to the motor. This means that the user does not have to connect the 3 phase connectors each time they set up the board (which is the case with all other eFoil systems).

B) The Flitebox includes an aluminum heat-sink connected to the aluminum mast. This uses water flowing over the mast to cool the motor controller very effectively. Other eFoils use a water-cooling system that sucks water up from the bottom of the mast. The problem with this system is that sand can get sucked into the water-cooling tubes and block the cooling, which can result in an overheated motor controller. This can result in a blown motor controller, motor, or even a fire in the motor controller. There have been many reports of these problems with other eFoil systems that use water cooling. The patented Fliteboard cooling system is much simpler and has so far proved 100% reliable. We rarely see a motor controller over 40 degrees which is very good and improves efficiency.

C) Without the Flitebox system, the motor controller and other electronics are in the board. This means that when something goes wrong, the board needs to be sent for service and this is expensive and time-consuming. In comparison, only our eFoil system would need service if there is an issue. Every component inside the eFoil is plug and play and most components can we replaced within 10 minutes. The only exception is the motor itself which would require about 35 minutes’ service to replace.

Read more about Fliteboard’s customization options.

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