Far Ride Magazine presents The Japanese Odyssey 2016

The Japanese Odyssey is an ultra-distance cycling race without support. In 2016, its route stretched over 2,400 kilometers across Japan, starting from Tokyo’s neon-lit streets crossing over to the Gunma, Gifu and Tottori Prefectures before hopping on the island of Shikoku, and then heading north to Osaka. The story is featured in the print version of far ride magazine volume 6: http://farridemag.com/magazine/far-ri…

About this issue:

Far Ride Volume 6 takes you on cycling journeys from all over the world. We discuss the joy of cycling challenges such as the Mongolian Bike Challenge, the Japanese Odyssey and the Podia Roadventures. Photo essays from Tracy Chandler, Kyle Thornhill and Angus Sung provide visuals on friendship, California and the competitive world of racing respectively.

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