Exploring the Super Pacific Switchback X1 Camper: Adventure on Wheels

The Lorejas are a family of 5 and their Super Pacific X1 Camper
The Lorejas are a family of 5 and their Super Pacific X1 Camper

If you’re seeking the ultimate comfort and reliability for your outdoor adventures, look no further than the Super Pacific Switchback X1 Camper. This spacious and adventure-ready truck camper is meticulously designed to provide unparalleled comfort in any weather condition for any adventure.

Let’s dive into the remarkable features and customization options that make the Switchback X1 Camper a standout in its category with a premium price tag.

Elevated Design and Exceptional Durability

The Super Pacific Switchback X1 camper boasts a modern design aesthetic that sets it apart in the wedge camper category, making it an eye-catcher on the road. It is designed to fit most mid- and full-sized trucks, offering versatility for a wide range of users.

Crafted with the utmost precision, the camper is proudly 100% made in the USA, utilizing aerospace fabrication methods and premium materials. The camper’s canopy, called the Fuselage, is built from an aluminum sheet that is laser-cut, break-formed, and riveted with solid rivets. The composite material used in the construction of the camper is commonly found in transportation and aerospace industries, ensuring outstanding strength and durability.


  • A mobile gear locker:Contractor-grade canopy and full access from all sides
  • Exped Megamat Duo LW+ Mattress
  • Three zippered and no-see-um grade screened tent doors
  • Three locking canopy doors
  • Stainless steel fasteners are used throughout
  • Universal t-slots:Awnings, cross bars, solar, you name it, t-slots can handle it
  • Fits most mid- and full-sized trucks
  • 3rd brake light
  • Cabside Acrylic windows
  • 2-Year limited warranty
  • MSRP: mid-sized trucks – $13495 / full-size trucks – $13995
  • Free installation and no sales tax when purchasing and installing in Portland, Oregon

All-Weather Tent and Comfort Features

The Switchback X1’s all-weather tent is hand-sewn in Oregon with marine-grade material, offering exceptional durability. The camper has an adjustable ventilation system that creates optimal airflow and reduces condensation, ensuring comfort in all conditions. The XL sleeping loft and functional floor panels provide versatility for multiple occupants and furry companions, as well as a purposefully designed bed platform for utmost comfort during outdoor escapades.

Added Reliable Camper Heating Solution

Ford F-150 with a Super Pacific X1 camper and VarioHeat Furnace
Super Pacific Incorporates Truma VarioHeat Furnace Into Flagship Truck Camper

The flagship X1 truck camper will now feature the Truma VarioHeat furnace, offering a reliable heating solution for year-round comfort.

The VarioHeat furnace, mounted under the canopy door, includes an exterior propane port for easy connection and reduces condensation. With the optional ThermaPuff insulation kit, the X1 becomes a 4-season lightweight camper tested in the harsh Pacific Northwest.

Super Pacific President Peter Williams highlighted the quality and reliability of the Truma products. He shared his winter ski camping experience, noting the Truma heater’s warmth even in icy conditions.

The VarioHeat furnace is part of a new product system for all-season comfort. It can be included in new camper builds or retrofitted to existing ones. The furnace kit, priced at $2500, comes with a control panel, custom mounting brackets, wire harness, and propane fitting.

Super Pacific Switchback X1 Camper Versatility and Customization

One of the outstanding features of the Switchback X1 Camper is its versatility and customization options. The truck bed can be transformed into a full-standing height space, optimizing your truck bed and adding value to your vehicle as a daily driver. 

The modular Molle Panels and universal t-slots provide convenient storage and mounting options for various equipment and accessories. Moreover, the camper offers customization options, allowing you to personalize the look of your setup with different colors and window configurations.

Personalization options:

  • Powder coat options (no cost): black, grey, white, green, tan, blue
  • Tent fabric options (no cost): tan, grey, color-blocked navy/oyster
  • Tailgate door options (no cost): fixed acrylic window, solid aluminum
  • Cab-side window options: Fixed acrylic (no cost), operable cab-side slider ($425 upgrade)

USA-Made and Sourced: Uncompromising Quality

The Super Pacific Switchback X1’s exceptional quality, craftsmanship, and lifespan are at the core of its appeal. The camper is backed by a 2-year Limited Warranty, providing you with confidence in its reliability and durability. Super Pacific’s commitment to sourcing and manufacturing in the USA ensures you receive a premium product designed to withstand the rigors of your adventures.

Why is the Super Pacific X1 priced higher?

The X1 costs $13,495 for the mid-size truck model and $13,995 for the full-size option. Of course, customization options will increase the final cost. While it may seem expensive, the X1’s unique features and build can justify the investment for those seeking a top-tier camper experience.

  1. Quality and Craftsmanship: Super Pacific focuses on meticulous design and engineering. Their campers are obsessively designed for durability and functionality. The X1 camper incorporates aerospace materials and manufacturing processes, resulting in a product that stands out in quality, weight, and build.
  2. Customization Options: The X1 allows for extensive accessories and customization. Buyers can tailor their camper to their needs, adding value and increasing prices.
  3. Superior Build Quality: Customers consistently praise the X1’s build quality, which surpasses that of competitors. The attention to detail and superior craftsmanship justify the higher price. Nobody wants to get stuck in the middle of nowhere with a broken camper.
  4. Local Manufacturing: Most X1 camper components are made in-house at Super Pacific’s Portland facility. Outsourcing specific jobs to local shops ensures a right-sized staff of skilled craftspeople, contributing to consistent quality and avoiding industry fluctuations.

Expanding Offerings for the Rivian R1T

Super Pacific Expands X1 Camper Offerings for Rivian R1T
Super Pacific Expands X1 Camper Offerings for Rivian R1T

For enthusiasts of the Rivian R1T, Super Pacific has announced plans to engineer a version of their X1 Camper specifically tailored to accommodate it. The company will begin production once it receives ten deposits for this new fitment, allowing early adopters to engage in the design process and secure the camper at the current X1 pricing.

Initial depositors will have visibility in the design process and a front-row seat on how the product is made. The initial deposit will go towards the existing price of the X1 Camper ($14,495).

“We are super-fans of the innovation and ambition behind Rivian’s R1T. We have had enough inquiries from Rivian owners that we’re ready to take on the design challenge of an X1 Camper for the R1T despite its unique complexity and relatively small numbers on the road. 

We’ve been eyeing the EV market for a while now and are super stoked to kick off the Rivian development!” said Peter Williams, Co-Founder and CEO of Super Pacific.

Real-World Testimonial: A Family’s Adventure on Wheels

The Switchback X1 Camper has proven to be a game-changer for families seeking to live life on the road. Aim and Kim Lorejas, a family of five, have embraced the adventure lifestyle with their Jeep Gladiator + X1 adventure rig, turning their children’s trips into mobile learning experiences. The X1 Camper has become integral to their outdoor lifestyle with its thoughtful design and practical features.

Why did the Lorena’s family choose the Switchback X1?

“For the camper, we wanted it to be light, easy, and fast to set. After researching campers, I showed my wife and kids the videos of different wedge camper options, and it was a unanimous vote for the X1. The kids all agreed about the design. My wife and I also agreed that the design is beautiful and slick. It’s a very well-thought-out design overall.”

What’s your favorite feature of your X1 Camper?

“My favorite would be the XL tent platform… It’s great that the camper/bed can be moved up and down without folding or deflating the mattress, especially for the kids.”

Before you Go

Incorporating premium craftsmanship, exceptional durability, and user-friendly customization, the Super Pacific Switchback X1 Camper is a top choice for adventurers seeking comfort, reliability, and versatility on the road. Whether embarking on rugged backcountry trips or planning a cross-country expedition, the Switchback X1 Camper can elevate your outdoor adventures.

So, why compromise on your comfort and convenience when exploring the great outdoors?

For more information and to explore the Switchback X1 Camper, visit the Super Pacific website or contact an authorized dealer near you.

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