Episode 4: How to Gain Confidence on the Downhills

Over the past few years, the number of people buying a new mountain bike has exploded. More and more of us are exploring our local trails with friends and family at the weekend and enjoying the freedom and access to nature that mountain biking gives us.

However, most people buy and start riding their new mountain bikes without knowing how to get the most from the bike or the skills to make the most of their riding experience. 

In this video series, we have asked ex-professional downhill racer and mountain bike commentator, Andrew Neethling, to share tips and advice for new mountain bikers to ensure you build good habits from day one and have the skills and confidence to take their mountain biking as far as your heart desires. 

How to gain confidence on the downhills

As a former professional downhill racer, Andrew knows all there is to know about descending well.

It’s not all about speed, but one of the key takeaways from this episode is to practice the technique and build your confidence before adding in speed. Speed will come once you’ve mastered the other fundamental skills involved in descending, such as looking far ahead, positioning your body and weight correctly, staying relaxed, and being smart with your braking.

Go out and try each technique, and soon you’ll be descending with confidence and a huge smile!

The final episode of the series is devoted to the advanced MTB skill of jumping. Tune to watch Andrew explaining how to jump.

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