Dusts of Gold

Ryan Lovelace has been tinkering with the Flex-Tail Sidecut Fish for years. But his latest rendition is meant to be ridden in small, reeling, down the line waves with a lot of tension in the face. From his studio to the waves, he documents his journey from creation to realization. Shortly into this video, it’s apparent that his Sidecut Fish is one helluva ride.

About Ryan Lovelace and his approach to shaping boards:

“If building surfboards was going to be something I would try to do for a living, and offer to people to make my living, I wanted it to be real and honest.  If my name was on the logo, it would mean that it was off my hands.  What I wanted was to never be untrue to my idealized version of my work – and if I could do that and it provided what I wanted in my life, then I had a fulfilling and honest job.”

Check out Ryan’s board gallery and current list of board models.

Music by: Helado Negro “Wobble” and Nina Simone “Flo Me La”

direct/film/edit: Morgan Maassen

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