Diving Into The Unknown

Diving into the Unknown is a film about a group of Finnish divers who set out on a secret mission to bring the bodies of their friends home after a deadly accident in a deep underwater cave.  Four Finnish cave divers face their worst nightmare when two of their friends drown deep inside an underwater cave in Norway. When the official recovery operation is called off by the Norwegian and British authorities after being deemed too risky, the friends set out on a secret mission to retrieve the bodies themselves.  While all of the divers are have years of experience in deep-sea diving, this dive will be different. This time they’ll not only have to face the bodies of their friends, they’ll also have to return to a place where they themselves almost died just a few weeks earlier.

With footage from the actual accident (shot before production began) and multiple cameras both above water and deep below the surface, this film follows the breathtaking recovery mission from beginning to end.  Diving into the Unknown is the story of a dangerous mission and the depths this group of friends is willing to go for each other – even if it means risking their own lives
TRT: 85 minutes
Country: USA
Language: Finnish, English, Swedish, Norwegian
US Premiere
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