Cape Wrath: A story of Pack-rafts and Fatbikes in the Far Northwest of Scotland

Getting to the iconic lighthouses in Northwest Scotland is no easy task. Even the most adventure-ready souls need an extensive list of gear, training, and oh yes, luck to successfully finish their trip. This is a story of two adventurers who filmed their journey in far Northwest Scotland.

Here Is the Full edit of the film that Kirk Watson of Perfect View Productions filmed and edited for us late 2015, the film has been shown at the Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival and the Aviemore Adventure Film Festival.┬áThe film is a journey by Lee Craigie ( to the most North westerly point on the UK mainland ‘Cape Wrath’ we use Fatbikes and Packrafts to access the rugged terrain and rough seas, with stunning Drone shots this film really shows off Scotland at its best, It’s a cool adventure to boot! a Mountainbike adventure with a twist.

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