Bikingman Inca Divide Race Across South America

There’s bike races like the Tour De France and then there’s bike races such as the Inca Divide. Although each has it’s unthinkable challenges, only one requires the rider overcome all obstacles with the help of, well, nobody other than the rider him or herself. With an expected 12 days on the saddle, the Bikingman Inca Divide definitely defines the limits of self-supported bike races.

Historic cradle of the Inca Empire, Peru is full of unsuspected roads and tracks, built at the height of the empire. These numerous ramifications that cross the country are part of the Qhapaq ñan, the ancient road network of the Incas which was traveled on foot by uncommon humans: the Chaskis. These exceptional athletes were able to communicate messages within the Inca Empire at unprecedented speeds and metabolic power alone.

Highlight of the 2018 edition: the White Cordillera! This mountain range of the Peruvian Andes has 9 peaks at more than 6,000 meters. Mount Huascarán culminating at 6 768m is the second point furthest from the center of the Earth after the volcano Chimborazo in Ecuador. The race includes several passages in the heart of the park and along a few lakes (the massif is 260!).

The Yanashalla pass at 4,720m and the eternal snows of the Pastoruri glacier will be the last white tracks to admire on the course before plunging to the coast to find the oxygen level of the sea and its dune desert.

So, what do you say? Do you have what it takes to tackle the Inca Divide?


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