Bikepacking and Fly Fishing in the Sierra Mountains

There are many reasons to visit Lake Tahoe: experiencing the trails are one of the best, especially when considering the Tahoe Rim Trail. Seeing the lake from above from the “comfort” of a saddle brings about a welcomed perspective for many adventure-seeking fanatics. These guys just happen to turn up the dial for adrenaline and risk.

All they wanted to do was catch fish and ride their bikes. They did a lot of the latter. Add in a drivetrain explosion and fifteen stitches and things get interesting. Despite a few hiccups, morale was at an all-time high during our three-day, sixty mile bikepacking and fly fishing trip along the Tahoe Rim Trail. The pace was slow and the fish were non-existent, but the good times were plentiful.

Read more about the Tahoe adventure in “Welcome to the Gong Show” from Freehub Magazine Issue 8.4 at the link below! Welcome to the Gong Show:…

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