Best Of Foil Freestyle World Championship

The Foil Freestyle World Championship took place at the Engadinwind 2020 and is one of the biggest highlight competitions at the Engadinwind. The nine men and three women were competing in the perfect foiling conditions.

Balz Müller (SUI), a pioneer in this discipline has been leading the men’s fleet, whilst his girlfriend Eva Wyss took first yesterday in the women’s fleet. Once again, all the riders were on the water together in some kind of overall impression session, where the best power move and the best carving move from each foilstyler would count.

Eva Wyss could claim the overall win after a good battle against Anina Heimoz in second and Laura Rudolph in third place. Also, on day two of the Foilstyle Championship here at lake Silvaplana, Balz Müller, Steven Van Broeckhoven, Lennart Neubauer and Michael Naef showed the most impressive performances.

The riders landed culos, konos, burners, funnels, and shakas and went smoothly through tripple duckjibes, carving 360ies and no handed heli tacks. Swiss freestyler Balz Müller could dominate one more time and claimed the win.

The fight for second place had been a tough one, but Steven Van Broeckhoven (BEL) sealed the deal with a nice skopu and a downwind 360 duckjibe combination to count. Michael Naef (SUI) came in third, followed by Lennart Neubauer (GER) in 4th and Antoine Albert (FRA) in 5th.

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