Aerial Tour of Ashley National Forest in Utah and Wyoming

From the creators of More Than Just Parks, More Than Just Forests proudly presents More Than Just Forests | Ashley! Join the as they take you on a visual journey through one of the most stunning and unique regions in the country. Explore gorges, valleys, forests, deserts, and meadows as we take you from sunrise to sunset in this remote and beautiful landscape. This is the Ashley National Forest. 

Ashley National Forest is located in northeastern Utah and Wyoming. It encompasses 1,384,132 National Forest acres (1,287,909 in Utah and 96,223 in Wyoming). Of the total acres, 276,175 are High Uintas Wilderness (180,530 additional acres of High Uintas Wilderness is located on the Wasatch / Cache National Forest). Elevations on the Ashley National Forest range from 6,000 feet to over 13,500 feet.

Learn more about Flaming Gorge NRA, the all-encompassing outdoor recreation areas in Ashley National Forest.

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