A True Aficionado Leaves His Mark on New Helinox Tie-Dye Collection

There are people who love tie-dye. And then there are people who LOVE tie-dye. Tae-hun Kim is among the latter. For years he’s been waiting for shipping containers of vintage gear to arrive so he could rifle through it all, pulling out the true gems – perfect works of tie-dye shirts that reflect the freedom, peace, and love of the 1960s and 70’s.

So when it came time to develop a new collection for Helinox, Kim stepped up, dug deep into his archives, and pulled out the very best to set the mood. 

“Tie dye is a cultural symbol of freedom and peace, and so many of us find those when we’re doing what we love, whether that be on a rooftop or in the backyard with friends, at a festival, or camping. The new Tie Dye Collection is a celebration, and I think that aligns perfectly with how people use Helinox products,” said Kim. “It was an amazing opportunity to work on the collection as it ties in personally with what I love to design, and I see it as a culmination of my years collecting tie dye pieces.”

So take a deep look at the pattern and the colors, and know that it came from another time and place, a perfect way to get ready for the long, warm evenings ahead and spending time with friends and family. 

Designer, Artist and Tie Dye Collector Tae-hun Kim Dives Deep into His Archives to Create a Vibrant New Collection on a Canvas of Lightweight, Packable Furniture
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