A Rare Expedition to Antarctica to Climb and Ski The Unknown

In search of snowy peaks, breathtaking ski descents, and impressive rock and ice formations, Mammut Pro Team athlete Caro North, mountain guide Guillaume Martina, and skipper Mark van den Weg ventured on an expedition to the wild Antarctic. They experienced an adventure just as wild that pushed them to their limits again and again over a period of four weeks.

The crew had to cope with icy winds, heavy rainfall and consequently poor visibility conditions. The orientation was tough as there is hardly any detailed map material on Antarctica that could have been used even in difficult visibility conditions.

When weather conditions were good Antarctica turned out to be a paradise for extreme sports: deserted landscapes and snow-capped mountains against a surreal backdrop of ice and sea were waiting to be discovered. The members of the expedition were completely on their own – all they met were penguins and seals on this challenging but at the same time fascinating and inspiring expedition.

The Arctic Expedition Route

Start in Ushuaia, Argentina. Crossing through the Drake Passage to the South Shetland Islands (Greenwich Island, Livingston Island and Deception Island). Then on to Trinity Island Enterprise, Videla Range, Lemaire Channel and return journey from Mount Jabet back to the starting point in Ushuaia.

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