Tubolito Bicycle Inner Tubes Make Punctures Impossible on City Streets

Tubolito, the brand to champion the development of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) bicycle inner tubes, is proud to unveil the strongest tube in the world: X-Tubo. The X-Tubo is made of an extremely durable TPU material (aka fancy plastic) that’s engineered to withstand everything the city and touring rider can throw at it.

1 Year Guarantee – yep, it’s so durable, Tubolito is offering a 1-year warranty against any flats that could be received while riding. Buyers just need to register the product within 1-month of purchase.

Everyday hero: X-Tubo City/Tour is developed to meet everyday challenges. The new, even more, resistant material makes punctures impossible during normal use. This promise is underpinned with a world premiere: a one-year warranty for all flats. Given its great robustness, X-Tubo City/Tour reduces the maintenance necessary and allows worry-free rides. Available for 700c tires from 30mm-50mm and ready for disc and rim brakes.

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