These 11 Athletes Define The Power of Surfing

Surfing is available to everyone, period. A sport that was once limited by its exclusivity is now changing the world for those who have overcome life changing injuries. These 11 adaptive athletes…

Marathon season tips

How to Prepare for Marathon Season

Fall marathon season is upon us and it’s finally time to get your training back into gear. With the Rock ‘n’ Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon &  Rock ‘n’ Roll Brooklyn Half Marathon coming up,…

South Gate Angkor Thom

8 New Day Trips in Southeast Asia

Images of Cambodia’s Angkor Wat often come to mind for many travelers who dream of a trip to Southeast Asia, but there’s more to Khmer culture than the world’s largest religious monument….

Battle for Amazon Headwaters

In Peru, the headwaters of the Amazon River cut through the Andes Mountains and help sustain resident communities as well as the most diverse ecosystem on Earth. As the energy demands of…