Urban Warmth With the Cotopaxi Tianjin Jacket

Cotopaxi Tianjin Down Jacket

Down jackets are trending once again as everyone and their dogs have busted them out for the fall and winter seasons. With so many options including color, design and fill it’s not an easy task to find the perfect jacket for your needs. As a true fan of the Cotopaxi brand and a believer in their “Do Good” philosophy I have been wearing the unisex Cotopaxi Tianjin Down Jacket for some time now. If you are looking for a super warm down jacket that offers more urban style then most of the competition the Tianjin is right up your cold and dark alley. The moderate fill makes it plush while not trapping too much air as to look like the Michelin man.

Although this jacket is more than warm enough for a backcountry adventure with its waterproof 600-fill duck down and 20D nylon liner it really excels at bridging a gap in technical outerwear and urban daily wear. The water resistant lightweight canvas exterior does a fantastic job battling light rain and handles its own on those snow days where you just need help getting through your routine. As a technical guy I can appreciate added technical details and the Tianjin integrates a few of these to help its cause for comfort and dynamic use. There are other jackets that focus more closely on maneuverability but they lack the breathability of true down.

Cotopaxi Tianjin Down Jacket Review

Snapped front hand pockets

The hand pockets on the Tianjin are great for warmth and protection while on the move. They are aligned to be accessible rather than provide storage and remain slim overall for the puffiness of the jacket itself. The pockets are also deep enough for hand placement and will easily fit most phones out there. The button closure is suitable for urban use and quick access.

Snapped chest pockets

The two button secured chest pockets are a feature that I haven’t seen on many other weather resistant jackets. They most definitely add a unique style que and incorporate the urban feel on an otherwise outdoorsy look. These pockets use gravity to hold accessories in place but won’t give you quick access. The canvas flap strategically buttons over the under fabric to shield the opening from rain and snow. If you are satisfied with using it as storage rather than a brief placeholder then you shouldn’t have any complaints. Since we really appreciate the urban style on the Tianjin these pockets fit right in.

Heavy-duty front zipper

As a trail and town jacket the zipper is impressive. It’s instills confidence in keeping air out while not being hindered by wet or snowy conditions. It’s also substantial enough to be easily operated with gloves on which can be often overlooked.

Cotopaxi Gear For Good

Interior zip pocket

Many people criticize interior pockets for their often-inefficient placement while forgetting their overall importance. This interior pocket isn’t large or but offers a great area to store papers or accessories that can’t get wet. Since it’s underneath the down and outer canvas it will be the last area to experience wet or cold. Just like the outer pockets, this one is well stitched and supported to operate smoothly and quickly.

Large collar

The Tianjin jacket does an incredible job of creating a puffy barrier between you and the elements. The duck down is even throughout and warms in literally minutes of putting it on. The collar is taller than most other jackets but also folds down if need be. Let me say that I enjoyed having it when the wind picked up and I desperately wanted to protect my neck and mouth. I was impressed with the slim fit and lack of wasted space while still being able to completely hide from the cold weather.

Adjustable, gusseted cuffs

The adjustable cuffs rely on two snap buttons to lock down the hand and wrist area. The gussets are stitched perfectly and adjust without any material bunching up or folding over. It’s small features such as these that validate Cotopaxi’s dedication to design and quality.

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