TomTom Bandit Gift Preview

TomTom Bandit

The Bandit by TomTom may just be the most user-friendly action camera that you will ever use. No cables, instant edit and upload with a fun phone app make this cam a top gift option for the outdoor enthusiast.

In a world of plenty there are many options available when searching for your next action camera. When skimming the market for your next purchase we recommend that you write down your needs and intended use as this will help you weigh strengths versus weaknesses. Once you finish your research you will likely determine that the TomTom Bandit is a competitive option for many of your activities.

Why we like the TomTom Bandit

The new TomTom Bandit offers a capable camera with plenty of features for any outdoor enthusiast all in a simple to use package. The bandit comes out of the box ready to film videos and shoot photos with a few different features. No matter what your style is you can shoot a time lapse, slow motion video or a cinematic short film of your weekend trip. TomTom really placed an emphasis on the ability of the camera to start shooting right away. Once turned on you can select your intended recording use followed by connecting to a Wi-Fi signal. With no further requirements this unit is ready to record G-force, speed, rotation, acceleration and altitude all at once. What more can you ask for from a device based on quick edits? Once again these features keep you feeling in control of this unit without any frustration whatsoever.

With the pre-programed settings in place you can also shoot your videos with the premium HD quality that the competition offers. The buzzword these days seem to include 4k and fps and the Bandit doesn’t shy away. 4k is in fact an option while filming with the cinematic mode on but it will limit you to 15fps. If you care more about full HD option then 2.7k does the trick. Whether you choose your slow motion setting or cinematic option you literally use the button in the back to start and button on top to stop. It’s that EASY! Start filming minutes after you open the cam and ensure that you have a charged battery. If you are more of the photo artist then how does up to 16MP stills sound?


The TomTom Bandit is the most user-friendly action cam that we have used to date. It’s truly a device that you can give as a gift and not be concerned with the recipient’s technical abilities. He or she will likely find it so easy to use that your inbox will be quickly filled with their videos.

TomTom Bandit

TomTom Bandit

The Bandit is switched on with its large rear power button that almost instantly provides a GPS signal on the user screen. The large screen itself is a nice addition as it also displays a micro SD card icon and battery life indicator for ease of reading. No longer are the days of having to search your device far and wide to find your current settings. The Bandit connects well to your surrounding signal and never takes more than a minute to do so. Along with a large screen comes a large control button that again enhances its ease of use. We allowed three individuals of all technical abilities to use the camera and all of them enjoyed the effective screen and buttons.


The impressive team of engineers behind the new Bandit listened to years of customer feedback and developed a ready to use camera that doesn’t require a single cable! Instead the camera uses what TomTom calls a Batt-Stick or the internal battery pack with USB 3.0 capability that simply slides away form the outer shell. This Batt-Stick provides a true three hours of charge and completely eliminates the need for a charging cable. For an outdoor enthusiast like myself this is a game changer. I always want to capture and share footage instantly but can’t do it with even the current pro level technology available. The Batt-Stick allows me to be entirely mobile while providing that quick gratification that I so desperately need. If you want to sit down and edit your footage on the computer you are free to do so with the built in microSD card reader as well. Often I find myself riding or even diving for longer then three hours and need to ensure that I don’t miss the perfect video footage. Thankfully I can use another Batt-Pack for those longer days as a second battery pack.

TomTom Batt-Stick


The Bandit comes with two adhesive mounts that work in unison with the camera bracket system. The in-house system relies on a catchy spring-loaded mechanism that is easy to use even with gloves on. Another user centric feature is the 180-degree camera rotation. When mounted the entire camera body is moveable to find the perfect orientation for the situation at hand. Although their bracket system is secure it’s specialty is also connecting as a built in GoPro mount adapter. I happened to already have a plethora of GoPro mounts, which is why this adapter made life so much easier for use. For the warm days when I like to go diving I simply add on the waterproof lens cover and mount the cam to one of the many poles lying around. Through multiple dives and varying wave conditions I never lacked any confidence in the adapter.

TomTom GoPro mountTomTom Camera

Available options

Base pack:

TomTom Bandit Action Camera

Batt-Stick 1900mAh

Splashproof Lens Cover

1 Flat and 1 Curved Mount

GoPro mount Adaptor


Premium Pack:

TomTom Bandit Action Camera

Batt-Stick 1900mAh

Splashproof Lens Cover

1 Flat and 1 Curved Mount

GoPro mount Adaptor

Remote Control

Handle Bar Mount

Dive Lens Cover

306 Pitch Mount

Power Cable


The Phone App

TomTom Phone App

As if a very user intuitive interface and no cable system wasn’t enough the TomTom Bandit phone app in the Apple and android store truly brings the camera to life. If you were to need further justification on purchasing the Bandit app, the app and camera pairing will blow you away. After downloading you can turn on the Wi-Fi setting, select your camera and start creating! Did we mention that the app will auto update your camera upon connecting if you prefer the hassle free lifestyle?!

The app instantly provides a live view from the camera and does so with great resolution and a much shorter delay than I ever expected. The sensor technology is superior to many other cameras available and can be appreciated when you don’t have to sit through buffering delays.

The app layout is super minimal and icon driven to let you click your way into creation. Lets face it, the less that you have to read the better! Along with a camera preferences section you will see the “create a story” tab. I spent most of my time in this section of the app and believe that you will do the same. Once you film your first video I highly recommend taking a break to understand just how simple it all is. The app screen displays a list of clips and allows you to literally shake your phone as to knock some sense into it. With all of the high tech sensors that we described before the app calculates the correct positioning of each clip and creates a very impressive complete video. The accuracy of this feature was spot on over and over and may just blow your mind as it did to mine.

If you still want to provide your custom touch then you can do that with the “add highlights” icon as well. Here you will see the same clip layout once again and can click your footage into place. A video overlay from your music library finishes this insanely fun package off and will have you sharing premium quality videos in no time at all.

Overall the TomTom Bandit is very fun to use for all levels of enthusiasts. They really make it less difficult to stray away from the larger brand name competition and provide such a seamless experience that anyone of your friends or family members can instantly use the camera. The video quality and outdoor environment adjustment is top notch with little thought needed on the user’s part. The phone app literally allows you to create videos in just minutes and does so without the need to read instructions or forums. The bandit hits a sweet spot for the outdoor market and has finally provided a camera option that makes the entire experience incredibly fun and painless.



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