The World’s Top Windsurfers Take on Frigid Waters

Windsurfing is found along the warm and sunny coasts of Maui, Costa Rica, Fiji, and other tropical backdrops. In contrast, the frigid and snowy gales off the shores of Lake Superior are the last place one can expect to find windsurfing, but three of the world’s best packed their bags to take on this unexplored frontier. After weeks of watching the weather forecast and waiting for the ideal storm, PWA stars Levi Siver, Philip Köster, and Marcillio Browne went off the windsurfing grid to the territory known as the“graveyard of the Great Lakes.” Chasing the legendary November storms that sank ships such as the SS Edmund Fitzgerald, the trio hunted for the perfect waves and wind to surf.

“Any water ferocious enough to break the 700-foot Edmund Fitzgerald in half before sending her to the depths certainly has potential for good surf,” according to Levi Siver.

The edit follows the journey of the three adventurers as they leave Maui and travel to Lake Superior, featuring both wintry water and air temperatures just above freezing. With winds reaching nearly 50knts and snow falling heavily, the three have to rely on their collective experience, as they look to push themselves to the limit in these dangerous conditions.

About the Trio

Levi Siver: Dubbed the “King of Style” for his ability to draw flawless lines and create smooth, inspired maneuvers, Levi is a distinguished participant in the Professional Windsurfing Association World Wave Tour. “Competing is something I enjoy, but you can’t let it inhibit your creativity or progression, or at least that’s been my approach,” he explains.

Philip Köster: Current and three time PWA World Champion; Köster is already a legend of the sport. In 2011, he became the youngest wave world champion in history at the age of only 17. The German currently lives in Maui and continues to defend his world championship title.

Marcillio Browne: Also known as “Brawzihino,” Browne is from Brazil and is known for his ability to take it to the next level when doing freestyle windsurfing. He is a two time PWA World Champion.

Story by Red Bull Media

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