The North Face Ampere Full Zip Hoodie Review

The North Face Ampere Jacket

From season to season the weather consistently changes. Although there really isn’t much that you can do about this it doesn’t mean that your clothing selection has to change as well. When choosing certain apparel pieces to recommend to you we look for garments that can provide lengthy coverage year around. Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with buying new gear on a monthly basis if that keeps but we also like to recommend versatile pieces that will satisfy for the long haul.

The North Face Ampere Full Zip Hoodie is a world champ when it comes to range of use and weather compatibility. Although it looks fairly technical this hoodie is made of only polyester fleece with a bit of elastane in the rib area for added stretch. The polyester construction on this hoodie is considered “hard pack” which looks and feels more athletic than traditional fleece. As a prime member of the Mountain Athletics family we are big fans of the added durability that this construction offers. The resistance to pilling or even snagging on obstacles makes the Ampere a great jacket for climbing, hiking, running, or even work use.

The North Face Hoodie

With all of our time divided between the trail, coast, and work we found this jacket to comfortable cover all of our needs. With the snow falling in the local mountains the Ampere’s mid weight fabric provided surprising warmth for its size and lightweight. In no way were we expecting to be as warm as we were when wearing it on a 30-degree morning with just thermals underneath. As The North Face clearly states, this jacket is intended to be warm enough for the descent and breathable enough for the ascent. Additionally, the fall and winter temps don’t top us from getting in the water but does lead to some pretty uncomfortable early mornings. The pure quality behind this hard packed fleece allows us the freedom to get warm and not have to completely bundle up. The triple stitched seams help to form that needed barrier from the cold air and really secures your warmth when the wind poses as yet another obstacle. We truly appreciated how the jacket zips with added material at the neck collar to cover your mouth for cardio related use.

The North Face Jacket

The North Face Jacket

To bridge the gap between technical ability and daily use The North Face designed the fit to be slim but not tight. The sleeves allow for plenty of movement and with thumb loop cuffs can be worn a bit more snug. All of the warm hand pockets are stitched close to the jacket to prevent any bagginess whatsoever. The jacket looks sharp with denim and boots to say the least. The 29inch back and hip length fit looks dialed for all sizes. As you can tell we are stoked to have this in our gear bag, as it is so versatile and durable given a modest $75 price tag. No matter how we test it we simply can’t argue with The North Face quality.




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