The Future Of Competitive Surfing

More than 2,000 spectators turned out on Saturday 19th September to see the world’s first ever stadium-style surfing event, RB Unleashed.

The final eight riders went head-to-head at Surf Snowdonia’s artificial wave pool, a revolutionary lagoon which opened in August 2015 in North Wales. Crowd favourite Albee Layer (HAW) became the first ever RB Unleashed champion, after a string of spectacular displays carried him to victory over the pluckyBilly Stairmand (NZL).

In this Story Clip, the pro surfers Evan Geiselman, Jordy Smith, Kalani David, Brad Gerlach, Jarrad Howse, Jake Paterson, Billy Stairmand, Ezekiel Lau, Jayce Robinson say us their thoughts on a wave pool surf contest.

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