The Future of Biking From COBI

COBI is the first integrated system, which intelligently connects your bike with your smartphone. The modular system integrates six accessories into one design object: automatic front and rear light, bike-navigation, smartphone holder with charging function, alarm system, bell and bike computer. The result: a completely new riding experience with over 100 features.

COBI sets are now available for order. Turn your bike into a SMART BIKE!

Similar to the hands-free, Bluetooth-powered connectivity systems found in many automobiles, COBI integrates a high design aesthetic with an unmatched user experience to create a one-of-a-kind cycling product. COBI has already won a dozen awardsfrom a wide range of agencies including the Consumer Electronics Show and the Eurobike trade show, even before it could be purchased.

“We’re thrilled to launch the COBI platform to the world,” said Andreas Freitag, CEO of COBI North America. “What we call ‘Connected Biking’ is the experience of tapping into dozens of bike-specific connectivity features in a single unit. The support and commitment we received during the development and launch process is beyond encouraging. We really believe this technology will revolutionize the cycling experience.”

Consisting of a smartphone case, handlebar mounted hub, six-button controller, and app, COBI puts a world of information and connectivity right at your fingertips. Providing access to phone calls, fitness metrics, turn-by-turn navigation, playlists, and weather forecasting, COBI makes it easier than ever to stay connected with the rest of your life while on your bike.

COBI will also charge your phone while you ride and will fully integrate with a variety of different eBike brands. COBI is also open-source, allowing developers to create custom systems for bike fleets, tourism applications, and more.

COBI Bike Connectivity

See and be seen! COBI looks after that too. The automatic front light in the distinctive COBI design comes with three settings to ensure optimal lighting: daytime running lights, dipped beam and full beam (maximum of 300 lumens, with at least 45 lux at 10 meters).

COBI bike Light

Commuters benefit from being able to pick up phone calls and check the weather forecast while accessing turn signals, headlights, and brake lights. Adventure-minded riders can listen to music from their mobile device and navigate easily with a turn-by-turn map feature.


COBI Cycling System

Hands-free with touch screen lockout, COBI is operated from a handlebar-mounted button pad to perfectly blend connectivity and safety.

Hands Free Phone

Designed and engineered in Germany and unveiled with a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014, COBI is changing the way we ride.


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