The Balance Between Life & Fitness

Open up Instagram, Pinterest, tumblr or any other social media network and within the first few minutes, I guarantee you’ll see a quote or article touting tips on how to find balance. Everyone is seeking balance in their lives, but at the same time we’re trying to achieve so much more – especially when it comes to fitness.

Fitness is not an A to B process that you complete, as soon as you reach one goal three more appear in its place. As you can probably relate, if you’re not careful it can quickly take over your life and you burn out. A healthy life is built on so many things and running/fitness is just a part of that.

In this short film, champion ultrarunner Stephanie Howe opens up and lets us in on the truth behind what it means for an admitted “type triple-A” person to find equilibrium amidst the daily demands brought on by her multiple roles, including newly-wed, nutritionist, running coach, and world-class endurance athlete. Lessons that she has learned through her journey in running can be applied by all of us as we seek our own forms of balance in a busy and demanding world.

This film is part of NATHAN Sports’ Journeys in Running video series. The series seeks to capture the reasons why people run. We all run and workout for many different reasons – physical, emotional, spiritual, and competitive.


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