Surfing A Fragile Ocean Paradise

Not all surf films are created equally. Depending on the location and filming style, viewers are left with differentiating perspectives on what it’s like to dance on water via board riding. This brilliant video takes you to a very happy place in your mind and forces you to see the ocean beauty.

Deep into nature full of lush green and turquoise waters “DEEP ISLANDS” is a short film by Onde Nostre celebrating a microcosm in symbiosis and the beauty of surfing, in a dreamy paradise of the south east islands in the Indian Ocean, a fragile coral paradise that maybe lost and needs to be preserved.

Featuring Sundek ambassador Alessandro Ponzanelli wearing the Sundek 2016 collection.
Production: Block10
Land & Water Camera: Luca Merli e Gio Barberis
Drone Operator: Paolo Tacchella
Music: ‘Yellowblack” SOS premix’ by Painè

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