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Let sound in keep water out, isn’t that the goal when your surfing? It’s a fact, traditional ear plugs aren’t built to withstand the beating that the ocean can provide. Not only do we highly recommend that you never try traditional foam or swimming ear plugs when surfing but we can assure you that you will end up with more ear issues than if you were to wear nothing at all. To finally put an end to the suffering from years of ear abuse SurfEars has launched into production with the first ear piece to truly work as intended.

What is the functional use of SurfEars?

To keep water, cold air, dirt and bacteria out of the ear completely while at the same time allowing as much sound as possible in. In the past this concept has been replicated but never perfected.

With the claim, “SurfEars let so much sound through it’s easy to forget that you are wearing ear protection” we had to test out a pair ourselves to report back on.

With around three weeks of use we were converted into true believers of SurfEars and here is why:

Earpiece Design


SurfEars are fitted with four individual units that pair together seamlessly. The most noticeable fixation wing comes in two sizes and serves as a stability piece to lock the unit into your ear. The core is then joined to the wing and holds the acoustic mesh securely in place to keep water and air out while letting sound in. finishing the design is a unique sealer gel piece that protects the ear canal from any excess water while anchoring the entire unit into place. All of this seemingly techy talk is prebuilt into a small travel friendly pouch ready for use.

Custom Fit

Each SurfEars set is sold with two different sizes of fixation wings and three different sizes of sealing gel pieces. These pieces are very easily removed and popped back on to get your fit dialed before entering the water. The ability to adapt each unit to our ears was priceless. Especially on heavier days it was vital that we found a snug fit and most importantly a confident fit.

Durability & Comfort

Being made from a flexible and stress resistant material, SurfEars proved to be a very durable piece of gear for us. From weeks of consistent salt water exposure, many days in a hot board bag and the pounding from a shoulder high day in cold water we have yet to see any concerning signs of wear in our ear pieces.

Given that the sealing gel is ridged to form a water tight barrier it’s the only part that takes some getting used to. Depending on an individual’s ears we did notice that upon initial use the fit had a slightly rough feel on the ear but did ease up with use. The great news is that when you are in the water and you can hear nearly every noise around you the slightly rough ear piece is easily forgotten.


Overall SurfEars has designed and produced what we consider to be a surfer’s best friend. Coming from a coast that is constantly threatened with high bacteria levels this serves as a revolutionary tool. You can relate it to the first time you surfed a rocky break with booties. In terms of forming a water tight barrier SurfEars excelled. From diving to being hit by a rogue set we couldn’t break the seal one bit. In even more impressive fashion these pieces truly did allow more sound in than we have ever experience. It’s difficult enough to hear others around you in the water and while wearing SurfEars we didn’t feel any restrictions. If you want to prevent surfers ear and all other side effects related to having water in your ear we highly recommend wearing these.




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