Style and Functionality: The New PARAX D-RACK

PARAX Bike Rack

If you are like us than many of your bikes if not all are referred to as a piece of art, Of course you may biased in your opinion. Fortunately, PARAX happens to think the same way that you do and has created a very unique yet simple way to treat your bike like the art piece that it is. With their new bike rack design you can turn any wall into a true gallery wall that will have you drooling every time that you look at it. The way we look at it, when you spend your hard earned money on the bike that you want it better make you happy every day of your life.

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The modern bicycle is a true piece of craftsmanship and meets the rider’s expectations in style, functionality and sustainability. The D-RACK matches your bike in all these qualities. It is entirely designed and produced in Germany using high quality materials. Due to its local manufacturing process colors and length can be custom-made. The unique drilling template allows mounting your bike horizontally even though its top tube may not be.

PARAX Germany

  • Designer bike-rack of the German start-up PARAX allows practical and elegant bicycle storage at home
  • D-RACK can be preordered on Kickstarter through

The D-RACK is a new wall mount designer bike-rack for indoors bike storage. It is produced by the German start-up Parax. The 2 foot long rack combines functionality with elegance and is easy to install.

PARAX Bike Racks PARAX_D-RACK_Schwarz_Freisteller

According to recent studies the bike is the means of transport with the highest rates of growth in Germany. Particularly in towns and cities, the bike is becoming increasingly popular as a commuter vehicle.  The challenge: Apartment owners often lack a safe place such as a garage to park their bike. “Many people just store their bikes in the corridor out of necessity, where it becomes an unwanted tripping and fire hazard,” explains Fridolin Förster, designer of the D-RACK.

PARAX Bike Rack

High-quality materials such as anodized aluminum and olive wood

Torben Siegert and Co-Founder Fridolin Foerster  produce the D-RACK exclusively in Germany. Various parts of the D-RACK can be customized to fit the needs of the clients. This includes the length and color of the rack, as well as the material of the front.

PARAX Bike Rack

The D-RACK is made of premium-quality and durable materials. Its aluminum body is cut using advanced CNC machining techniques.

They can anodize your rack so that it’s color scheme matches your bike! Current colors are: raw, silver, brushed silver, black and brushed black. Further colors will be introduced as stretch goals. You can choose your color after the kickstarter campaign!

What comes with your order?

–  D-RACK in your chosen color and length with edge protection in your favored color

–  wall mount in the same color as the D-RACK

– mounting accessories including screws, screw anchors, offset screwdrivers and torx bit

–  drilling template.

Optional extras are

– wooden front panel made of olive or Kebony wood

–  leather strap

– aPARAX T-Shirt

– Mini D-RACKs.

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