Sight and Sound With the Brunton Camp Rocker Lantern

Brunton Camp Rocker

Overnight camping and backpacking trips often leave us wishing that we had packed more lighting gear. Even for shorter day trips, I struggle to decide if I should use my headlight, or bring along my propane lantern. When it comes to propane lanterns, there really isn’t any replacing a system that bright, but sometimes it’s just too inconvenient for me to pack it. Well now thanks to Brunton, who has sent us their Lightwave Camp Rocker 2600mAh rechargeable LED Bluetooth lantern, I no longer have to worry about having enough light at night when packing light.

This small yet capable lantern comes in at just under 8” tall, weighing 9.5OZ

Brenton Camp Rocker Light Brenton Camp Rocker

Notable Features:

  • 2 white LED settings
  • 1 red LED setting
  • Bluetooth speaker w/ aux input
  • 5v/2.1A USB output (for charging phones)
  • In our field tests we noticed the led on high lasts about 3.5 hours, and the Bluetooth speaker lasts about 7 hours, recharge time was about 4 hours when using a standard car 12v charger

Brightness output from this lantern was pretty respectable and perfectly supplemented my headlight. I found myself using the red light feature the most; which became my favorite feature on this lantern. The  audio from this speaker wasn’t anything amazing, but it was still better than my phones audio. If you’re more than a few feet away bluetooth connectivity can be kind of spotty. With that noted, it’s super convenient to have audio and light capability all in one packable unit. That’s what really sticks out on the Camp Rocker, it’s so packable and never gets in the way whatsoever. Of yeah, it’s pretty sturdy as well. After all, we tested this unit multiple times in the rocky desert while on shooting trips and we most definitely don’t baby our gear out there.

Brenton Camp Rocker

So where does this piece of gear best fit? Overnight trips where you don’t need or want to bring a propane lantern. Although, if you were car camping in multiple sites through multiple days you could charge it in your car during the day and leave it on all night. In fact, we did this for two nights straight to see if it would suffice. It sure did, and I felt sort of fulfilled knowing that I could travel to my favorite dispersed camping sites without having to lug around heavier gear.

Experience the Brunton Lightwave Camp Rocker:

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