Seagull Nightshift V2

Seagull Nightshift V2 Pack

The Nightshift V2 backpack from Seagull bags is a dynamic piece of gear that has the durability to take on all of our challenges. Within minutes of holding the bag we knew that we were dealing with a premium quality piece, designed and manufactured for the true outdoor adventurer yet simple enough in appearance for work. For what the Nightshift V2 lacks in overall structure and support it makes up for with carrying features and all day comfort. We should mention that it’s impressive durability can be felt in your hands which adds a great deal of confidence to the user. Too many times we have found a killer looking bag only put it on and realize that it’s poor build will make for a rough day on the trail.

Seagull V2 Backpack


Seagull Nightshift V2 Bag

When first wearing this bag it’s apparent that there is no spine or direct support mechanism. Although this is often needed for backpackers on extended day trips it truly isn’t a necessity for a day hike or gear bag. The crew at Seagull Bags noticed this and in return provided a unit that can fold, roll and pack away as an effective shape shifter. When your car is packed to it’s bursting point with boards and camping supplies this is a nice feature to have in a backpack. No longer will you have to question your car packing abilities while leaving your best packs at home.

As we mentioned from the get go, where this pack lacks a spine it most definitely compensates with load carrying ability. Webbing and load carrying straps are a humans best friend and this isn’t up for debate. The Nightshift V2 understands your needs with its highly effective carrying system that seems overly simple.

Seagull Bags carrying straps

Backpack webbing

What do you get when you cross gear loops and carrying straps with premium webbing? One very happy camper!

The plethora of webbing loops run vertically down the front of the bag as well as on the bottom and side. This allowed us to conveniently and most importantly, quickly, strap down towels, blankets and jackets that we needed for our excursions. It was extremely convenient to strap down goods that we knew would be needed throughout our trips. It can be overly frustrating to dig through a packed bag when you want to find one item and the V2 definitely makes life a bit easier in this area. Although this specific design won’t replace your entire pack collection it can most definitely act as your go to day hike, work and commuter option. No matter how you rig it there are so many attachment points that it offers a highly effective option for nearly everyone. Simply put, it’s customized for your commute.

Just as the exterior exceeded our expectations that interior offers far more storage than the 26L volume would suggest. When the design crew gets around to reading about our experience we want them to know how much we appreciate the well thought out pockets and zippers. We fit our 15” laptop with ease and still had room for the iPad as well. Opposite the laptop sleeve is one large zippered compartment with two smaller storage areas that are equal in size. All three are securely separated from each other which made our work days so much less stressful than before. We can start listing off specific uses for the compartments but in all honesty they will provide a unique benefit for each individual user and that is the beauty of them. Ok, so chords and cards are a prime example.

Seagull Nightshift

It excites us to say that this Seagull Bag is so well suited as a travel bag through and through. Just the thought of traveling is enough to make us smile and when you find a bag that can carry you through so many situations it’s enough to make us hug one another in anticipation for another trip to Brosemite National Park. From climbing, surfing and cycling to daily commuting the Nightshift V2 offers loads of potential. What you get for your money is a dense waterproof shell, waterproof zippers, load straps for days, easily accessible inner compartments and very comfortable shoulder straps with a ballistic nylon bottom to keep your bag fresh and free of rips and tears long into the future. In all honesty, what else can you ask for? The proof absolutely is in the product when it comes to this bag.

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