Ryno Power Gold Medal Package Review

The world of nutrition supplements is vast to say the least. Whether you are new to them or have been taking them for years you never truly have the opportunity to try every product on the market. Some products are tested while others are merely garage made experiments that have been packaged into spiffy contained claiming to hulk you out faster than ever. Through solid marketing practices and most importantly word of mouth, a few brands break the surface competition and can become a sustainable sidekick for the everyday athlete.

Before diving into the details we want to make our last statement about the everyday athlete crystal clear. There are many categories of supplements on the market. Some are directed at purely weightlifting enthusiasts while other are directed at a more versatile athlete. This why Ryno Power is classified as SPORTS SUPPLEMENTS that pair best with active athletes that may spend time weight lifting but more importantly place just as much emphasis on endurance sports such as cycling, running, surfing…. You get the idea here. It’s also important to understand that we have been active in our sports of choice for many years therefore have consistently consumed some type of sport enhancing supplement. Now we can dive a bit deeper to better understand the Ryno Power products.



In the past we have heard incredible feedback from Ryno Power Endurance users and were excited to incorporate it into our routine. There is no question that these capsules can be used across all athletes and sports whether you are a beginner or expert. As a cyclist, runner and surfer I can attest to the physical and mental letdown that I feel from my body when lactic acid builds up and I lose the ability to generate adequate blood flow. With an effective mixture of rhodiola and rosea extracts your body blood vessels can safely transport more oxygen to your muscles resulting in hours of extra stamina for your workout. I have always wanted to complete a trail ride without grinning over the leg pain from repeated climbing. Although there is no cure for pain from intense exercise this formula sure does increase your power and duration of high level exertion. On a similar note we ingested the capsules prior to surfing in hope that we could paddle longer and harder. Sure enough the hours passed and neither I nor my partner was speaking of sour shoulders and fatigue that is always felt on a good day.

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Ryno Power Motivation (Natural Energy Pills)


Ryno Power Motivation is a clean form of caffeine in a much smaller dose than a pre workout. The key ingredients are from natural forms of caffeine and are digested much more smoothly than synthetics. We enjoyed the fact that it didn’t give us a ton of energy yet still woke us up a bit and enhanced our focused when we were in need of a stimulant. We took two pills (serving size) before morning cardio and felt absolutely great. We also enjoyed the absence of shakes or jitters that can normally be felt with pre workout supplements. An avid coffee drinker would compare this supplement to a full cup of coffee and on that note it can also serve as a great replacement for coffee if you are trying to wean off of it.

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Gladiator Pre workout (Guarana seed extract)


In testing Gladiator we had two individuals take the supplement to see how they would react. One of our willing candidates is a long time personal trainer who also competes in body fitness competitions therefore you can imagine that he has a long history with pre workout supplements. Our experienced weight lifter and trainer recorded that he didn’t feel much of a boost in energy levels after taking one packet. He naturally has a high tolerance for caffeine and has been taking pre work out for years. When measuring the potency of a pre work out he looks for that tingly feeling that you often experience with nitric oxide or beta alanine as that’s when he knows it is kicking in. We noted that the flavor was spot on and much more pleasant than most substances in stores but the overall boost is targeted for endurance athletes who may not care about having the hardcore gym rage.

To compare tolerance levels between users we also gave a packet of gladiator to a co-worker who has never taken pre work out before. Surprisingly she also didn’t feel much of a boost or immediate spike in energy levels. She does drink energy drinks and coffee on a daily basis which may be the reason that this more natural caffeine didn’t affect her.

Overall the natural taste and flavor make the Ryno Power Gladiator mix a true contender. The individual packets made it very convenient to take with you on the go and with just a water bottle you are covered for your daily routine. The natural energy source is much less noticeable than many pre workout supplements that you would find at a nutrition shop which favors most endurance athletes or casual users.

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Chocolate Protein Powder


Protein powders are everywhere these days with stores such as Target or Walmart even stocking shelves full of branded tubs and jugs. As your friends please stay away from the majority of these options and spend the extra money to purchase a healthy and effective option such as this one.

Although the simple chocolate flavor is light in taste and flavor it mixes very well and didn’t erupt in our face when tossing it into the shaker. It tasted great with almond and coconut milk but was drinkable with water which can’t be said more most powders. Per scoop this powder only has 27 grams of protein which is very light for most gym addicts or weight lifters. On the other hand it serves as a perfect supplement to cap a ride, run or surf. For those who have sensitive stomachs buying a new protein powder is similar to finding a used car. You go into the situation with anticipation and optimism but are left with loads of regret. Fortunately for you this pure form of proteins lacks any fillers or useless additives that cause such disruption in your life. We can pleasantly say that bloating or gastrointestinal discomfort wasn’t a problem at all with this product. The 180 calories and 144mg of sodium per serving (2 scoops) may be a bit high for some even though it comes from reputable ingredients. Similar to the pre workout we believe that active endurance athletes who focus on aerobic exercise will see the best results from this product.

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Carbo Fuel


The carbo fuel was a hit for us. It was convenient to mix with the chocolate protein as it doesn’t have any flavor itself and doesn’t mask the flavor of the chocolate. If you’re a texture sensitive person you might not be a huge fan as it can be a bit grainy when drinking. If you are always on the go this supplement is way to convenient to not use. Having the right amount of carbs after you work out is vital to your growth goals and without this you only increase the time that it takes to see results. We also liked that it did not make us feel too full or bloated whatsoever. One scoop contains 100 calories and 25 carbs (serving size 2 scoops) which may seem high but you don’t physically feel like you just ate ½ cup of rice or bag of wheat puffs.

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In the past we have always taken amino acids (bcaa’s, eaa’s and akg’s) in powder form that is until we were introduced to Ryno Power’s pill option. Usually when I wake up in the morning I would drink my amino acids with a glass of water but I never really enjoyed it due to their sweetness. Let’s face it, most people take these with their pre workout and nearly all pre workout options are sweet enough yet alone mixing them with additionally sweet amino acid mixes. With this option it’s as easy as 3 pills prior to exercise and 3 pills after and no side effects to be feared. These amino acids in pill form are the real deal and absolutely speed up the post workout recovery process. If you’re tearing muscles (in a good way) you should be incorporating these into your diet for optimal results that only the mirror will reveal.

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The Ryno Power electrolyte blend in capsule form is another convenient way to replenish your body with nutrients that are expelled when you sweat. Among our review group we all agree that drinking a replenishment formula with a bottle of water is preferred as it also helps maintain your water intake. Similar to the other formulas that we tested the capsules themselves are a bit large to be tossing down your throat one after another. With so many quality electrolyte supplements available it’s very difficult to determine if one is truly better than another. At a minimum it’s important to take away from this review that you don’t receive filler ingredients and useless salts when taking this product. During our trail we consistently felt the positive effects such as reduced cramping when on the bike and surfing that these capsuled advertised. If you exercise daily these are a great supplement to take in the morning while feeling the benefits throughout the day.

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