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Pro Shot Case iPhone 6 Review |
River float 2016

We have had too much fun testing the ProShotCase for iPhone 6/6s, from Tubing down rivers near Yosemite National park, to snorkeling the deep blue waters off the coast of Catalina Island. And that’s the first word we would use to describe the ProShotCase; Fun! Allowing you to seamlessly integrate your iPhone into all your outdoor adventures, without worry or concern of damage, the ProShot case lets the good times roll – whilst you capture them all. Lightweight, portable, highly adaptable and really tough, this little unit offers endless outdoor content capture at an affordable price.

ProShot Case iPhone 6 ReviewProShot Case iPhone 6 ReviewProShot Case iPhone 6 Review

Between the durable outer casing, the beefy aluminum clasps and the rubber gaskets, your iPhone is safely cocooned in a totally water, dust, snow shock and sand proof fortress. Whilst the box does say you can take your iPhone down to a wondrous depth of 100 feet, we didn’t feel comfortable putting our precious $600 Apple baby on the line. And this fear was probably the biggest problem we faced. When you do the math, a GoPro will set you back $300 or $400, but GoPro have a well proven track record, whilst ProShot do not. If your GoPro were to fail, you would only lose that same $3/400. In Contrast, if you combine the cost of your iPhone6 and your $99 ProShot case, a failure (from human or manufacturing error) could cost up too $699, not including the loss of precious iPhone content (a reminder to back your iPhones up regularly!). And that fear kept us from pushing the unit very far at all.

Another obvious downside to this combo is that you are limited to the iPhone6’s camera capabilities. So whilst the footage and images look breathtaking on your phones screen, they leave a little to be desired when viewed at larger sizes.

ProShot-Product-9 ProShot Case iPhone 6 ProShot Case iPhone 6 ProShot Case iPhone 6 ProShot Case iPhone 6 ProShot Case iPhone 6 ProShot Case iPhone 6 ProShot Case iPhone 6


  • Highly adaptable – multiple lenses, mount options, carry options and lids.
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Very Tough
  • Amazing depth rating (with deep dive lid)
  • Content is immediately available to share on your phone
  • Captures great video and imagery for phone viewing
  • Universal GoPro style mount

Points to Note:

  • Accessories cost extra
  • The constant fear of case failure (costing you an iPhone6 should it ever happen).
  • Inability to change settings in water (When deep dive lid is fitted)
  • It sinks if you drop it (floating hand grip available)
  • iPhone 6S has the same 12mp camera and 4K video capability as GoPro Hero 4 Black


If, like many, you simply do not want to spend $400 on a GoPro, nor want the hassle of yet another device, then you won’t be disappointed with your $99 spend on the most rugged waterproof iPhone6 case out there. We loved how simple and easy to use the ProShot case was – simply pop your phone in, clip it shut and you’re off. Choose the right lens for the occasion (sold seperately) and whack on a handle of choice (also sold seperately) and the potential is limitless. The wide angle lens makes landscapes look truly epic and the fisheye is just plan old fun. Mount it, drop it, submerge it… The ProShot case can handle just about anything.

Shooting with the free Proshotcase app was a breeze (just make sure you get all the settings you want dialed in and you that you open the ProShotCase app BEFORE you hit the water with the deep dive lid installed, or you might find yourself in a bit of a bind!) With just 2 buttons you are able to scroll through several capture modes and fire away. The buttons are really well built and feel great. With the extendable selfie stick attached, your selfie game will never be better. Forget the mall, your yard or the park… you’ll be snapping selfies while cage diving with sharks, skiing down black diamond runs or kayaking through coastal caves!

ProShot Case iPhone 6 Review ProShot Case iPhone 6 Review ProShot Case iPhone 6 ReviewProShot-Image-6

All in all the ProShot case is a well made, easy to use outdoor ready solution for the iPhone6. It turns your phone into a die-hard adrenaline junky, ready for anything and always willing to get the shot. We love that all your content is instantly on your phone; so editing and sharing on social media or with friends is one step closer. We also love that you don’t have to leave your phone in the car anymore. We’ve actually started carrying the ProShot case with us whenever we adventure, whether it’s water-bound or not, since we know that whatever we do our iPhone will be safe, secure and ready to snap those magic moments in a second.

So… if you and your iPhone are looking for quick and easy ways to record your next adventure, we absolutely recommend the ProShotCase to get the job done without much learning curve or technology gap.

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