ourCaste Launches ‘Messages’ Series Shirts

ourCaste Shirts

ourCaste Launches ‘Messages’ Series

Starting back in 2013, we created a list of ongoing quotes, sayings, and expressions heard and felt around our space.  With so much anxiety and stress in the early days, the first messages were focused around hard work and learning from mistakes.  Later, when we begin seeing other like-minded projects in the space our Messages shifted towards camaraderie and the reliance on friendships.  Every year, every season our Messages evolve and adapt with what we are doing and feeling and this season is no different.  Our “Bitter End, Better Begin” and “In These Times, All Is Well” Messages are some of the most relevant quotes we’ve come up with.

“Better Bitter Than The End” reminds us that whatever task we’re delaying on ultimately has the ability to bite us in the ass.  To “Better Begin” is to get moving, in any capacity, on completing the job in front of us.  We’re an incredibly tight crew, all sharing every hat, and with that comes a lot of responsibilities that aren’t technically any one persons, rather the groups collectively.  We motivate ourselves to get moving, together, to avoid that “Bitter End”.

ourCaste Shirts

“In These Times, All Is Well” is a simple mantra guiding us through the rough waters.  At any point, on any day, there will be ups and downs.  It’s important for us to unite behind knowing that we’ll work through and prevail on the side of success to any obstacle in front of us.  The hidden (when you want it) subliminally placed to remind you that positivity is a choice in any situation.  Attitude can change a lot, especially when there’s a big mountain to climb sitting right in front of you.

ourCaste Shirts

Every Message we put out is created by hand, in house.  We create the watercolor washes over a period of days, layering color over color, over Rub-On type, over more color, until we are satisfied.  We typeset our Message using Illustrator, and transfer to the washes via a decades-old Ink Jet printer, or when available, a copy machine.  The preferred method is the copier.  Something about the application of it’s toner meshes well with water color washes.  The point is, a lot of thought goes into these prints, and they help get us through the day from time to time.


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