Nat Geo Exclusive: Jimmy Chin

In this exclusive bonus scene from the award-winning film Meru, climber-filmmaker Jimmy Chin gives a glimpse of daily life in a tiny tent at 20,000 feet on the side of a rock wall on Mount Meru in the Indian Himalaya. He shows the kitchen, the bathroom, the closet space, and—best of all—the priceless view. Though buyers beware: You have to climb and carry all your own stuff to live in this prime alpine real estate.
“It’s tight enough where you usually have someone’s feet on your shoulders while you’re sleeping,” Chin tells National Geographic Adventure. “If one person moves the whole ledge moves around. The most comical is at night when you’re getting into your sleeping bags because everyone has to brace and work together.”
Chin also spoke with Nat Geo Adventure about risk, fatherhood and fame in this Q&A.

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