Must Have Muscle Recovery Tools From Moji & TriggerPoint

As a cyclist, surfer, runner and all around fitness enthusiast I am always on the lookout for new ways to relieve the tension that my muscles feel after repeated workouts. As I participate in these activities day in and day out I often experience muscle discomfort that leads to cramping and lack of quality sleep. I don’t know about you but I have never been one to let sleep get in the way of my fun and I don’t plan on allowing this to start now.

Getting to the source of athletic injuries can save time and money and this is coming from a guy who throws money at every possible solution until some form of relief is discovered. Believe it or not sports like cycling; surfing and running have something very specific in common. They all require you to be on your feet for an extended period of time and often under great pressure. Over the past year I have been dealt with the discomfort of plantar fasciitis and lower leg soreness which flares up after every surf, ride or run guaranteed. Unfortunately, visiting a specialist or seeking treatment from a doctor isn’t in the budget for many individuals and that is exactly why we have two of our favorite products to share with you.

Moji Foot Roller


The Moji Foot has been one of the most simple yet highly anticipated muscle relief solutions that we have used in a long time. If you suffer from soreness or discomfort from your athletic activities you can relate to us when we claim that relief is always on our minds. The team at moji has created a compact device with minimal moving parts that truly works for nearly every person that we had use it. At only 4.5 inches in diameter this device will quickly become your travel buddy. With its simple features and plastic composition we simply used a Lysol wipe to clean it after use. To function most smoothly we recommend wearing socks while rolling which will also protect any sensitive skin and promote good hygiene if sharing with others.

Made of plastic with a rubber non slip base the foot roller has six quarter sized spheres that roll in place while digging deep into your muscle tissue. The result is increased blood flow, the breaking up of dead tissue and a noticeable soothing to your feet. I have been using this roller for over a month on a daily basis and can’t imagine not having it in my routine. I most often use it on carpet which really allows me to place my body weight on it and break up the muscle tissue.


I can attest to the dynamic nature of the moji foot as it works for your heel, arch and even toes. When sitting I can rotate my foot any way that I need to in order to soothe the soreness. We are living proof that continued use of this device can provide you with the relief that you are searching for. We look forward to trying the pro model which can be placed in the freezer for a cooling effect during use.

GRID STK Foam Roller


Although your feet are the main point of contact between you and the ground there are many muscles that have to withstand the constant strain of athletic endeavors. I have a saying that I use with friends when they claim to be too sore to ride that states “when in doubt roll it out”. Foam rollers have always been a trusty tool for me when trying to recover from a ride or long run. Many weekend warriors can relate as they usually train hard on the weekends only to be met with a plush office chair for the remaining five days of the work week. This is where I suffer the most as sore/dead tissue starts to become a nuisance and physical discomfort.

Fortunately GRID has designed a new hand held foam roller with trigger point therapy in mind to create a superior alternative to the traditional floor based roller. The GRID roller starts with rubber AcuGRIP handles that allowed us to firmly hold onto the roller while digging deep into our calf and quad muscle areas. Rolling is often about placing the right amount of pressure in the correct area and this design excels at just this. We also appreciated the contoured point on the handles which were fantastic for rubbing out pressure points especially on the neck.

The STX Hand Rollers bread and butter comes in the form of a 3-dimensional trigger point optimized surface that stimulates your muscles while pushing dead tissue out and enhancing blood flow. The 3-dimensional trigger point design was effectively smooth upon contact and simulated what hands would feel like during a massage. The dense yet compliant foam used on this roller isn’t abrasive in any way and was quiet relaxing after a few minutes of use.


Compared to the standard plastic wheel roller the GRID STX was much less painful to use and is far more versatile as to what muscle areas it can be used on. I will admit that the traditional roller can be more flexible for the thigh and quad regions when really digging into the sore muscle but again it’s far more uncomfortable then this foam. We asked four cyclists to use the GRID STX side by side and compare it to their plastic rollers. All four unanimously dropped their plastic rollers for the trigger point feel of this device. This hand held roller is a device that nearly all fitness enthusiasts can use and appreciate whether it’s for relief or a simple massage. Upon stretching my back prior to surfing I also discovered how well I can roll out tension in the back. When holding the roller vertically and rolling from side to side I was able to reach knots in the vertebrae region that would otherwise be left alone. What sets this roller apart from the rest of the bunch is its dynamic design and versatile features. It’s easily packable for travel and can be used on nearly all muscle groups given a little creativity.

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