LOW Bicycles Releases the mkii cx

LOW Cyclocross Bike
As aluminum specialists, Low Bicycles is leading the rebirth of US aluminum bicycle frame fabrication. Where craftsmanship is concerned, these are truly the best aluminum frames money can buy. With their second-generation lineup of thoroughbred racing machines, Andrew Low and his team are pushing the limits of what is possible for a small scale outfit to design and build in-house with aluminum. 
Their process of shaping proprietary tuned and butted aerospace grade aluminum tubing yields an aesthetically pleasing finished product with precise handling, comfort, stiffness and superior strength. Most notably, every frame exhibits beautifully smooth welds that are second-to-none in the aluminum bike world.
The low mkii cx was designed, prototyped, and race tested over a two-year period to become the top performing cyclocross bike that it is. The mkii features disk brakes for quicker stops, and fully internal shifter and brake cables for reliable performance and a clean streamlined look. Its sleek beauty is composed by a blend of proprietary and beautifully hand-shaped butted aluminum tubing that is ergonomically shaped for aggressive riding and for ease of carrying on your shoulders. Andrew Low and his team build all their frames by hand in San Francisco. The whole build process is done in-house with a focus on quality workmanship and smooth welds, this ensures precise handling and superior strength and a flat-out performer in every bike they roll out.
Low Cyclocross Bikes
It’s an aggressive and lightweight aluminum frame, made in San Francisco and prototyped for over a year with the LOW racing team. They are truly beautiful bikes that are well backed by performance.

Low Bicycles produces 20 +/-  frames a month, which give a thorough attention to quality and craftsmanship – details that are often compromised as the level of production goes up. Their unique approach has definitively set them apart from the rest of the industry.

Low mkii cx


  • FLEXshape tubing design
  • Integrated seat stays//top tube
  • Stiff ‘Back-Bone’ to resist torsion
  • 7005 aluminum alloy frame, custom drawn and butted, double pass TIG welded
  • Handmade in San Francisco, CA.

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