LifeStraw Go In The Sespe Wilderness


I recently had the opportunity to backpack through the Sespe Wilderness on an adventure looking for a much needed natural  hot springs.  Forty miles in four days, crossing through streams on our long trecks between camp sites.

I loaded my pack with my three liter bladder, a one liter bottle and the 750ml LifeStraw Go bottle.  It didn’t take long for me to start to enjoy this clever system.  I loved how it fit in my pack and how easy it was to handle while hiking.  I half expected that it would be difficult to cycle water through the filter in the bottle but pleasantly discovered that I could easily drink and walk with it at the same time.

Upon our first rest point refilling was as simple as taking the top off, dunking the bottle in the stream, screwing the top back on and drinking. This helped to reduce the amount of times I had to dig my large bladder out of the inside of my pack significantly. For ease of use this system is one of the best that I had tested. Due to their global research and development I knew that i could trust this system and they surely didn’t let me down. it’s hard to believe that there are still fresh water sources in CA that I would dare drink from but with lifestraw I had zero issues at all. It has now been a few days since my trip and (knock on wood) I am still feeling perfectly normal.

LifeStraw Go LifeStraw Go


Purifies just as good as water pump

Instant on trail water purification

Extremely convenient

Easy maintenance

Perfect size for in hand and on pack holstering


Won’t filter the last 100 liters or so

No way to know how much life is left in the filter

Filter removes about 100 liters of space due to size, brings a 750ml bottle down to 600/550ml with filter and unusable bottom section

LifeStraw Go


I like the idea of instant purification, but having to have my face over the water or to having to unscrew my water bottle every time I wanted to drink my water made the traditional system burdensome on the trail.  LifeStraws have always made me a little nervous for some reason;  maybe it’s that I’d grown up on iodine tablets and water pumps therefore it’s really all that I knew.  So when I received my LifeStraw Go bottle my fretfulness was no different.  However it’s simple pre packaged design, and promise to filter water as good as my traditional water pump was what attracted me to give this bottle a shot.

There is no question that this system does absolutely everything that it’s designed to. It keeps you moving while doing your activities and when a water source is presented it performs to function over and over again. For reliability and ease of use the LifeStraw Go is dialed.

The big question is, should I just carry the lifestraw bottle on all of my treks and can it replace what I already have altogether?  Well the answer is never straightforward as we have all come to understand.  Although this bottle provides instant purification I still needed water to cook with so I had to rely on my traditional filter for this task. There were also some parts where I would travel 5-6 miles without crossing a stream, so I had to rely on my other water sources on my pack(bladder). The straw also takes up a significant amount of volume within the bottle, and since the straw doesn’t go all the way to the bottom of the bottle there was about 70-100 ml of unusable water; coupled with the 50-100ml loss of volume from the straw we get about 600 ml of usable purified water.

LifeStraw Go

LifeStraw also recommends blowing the water out of the straw after each time you drink from it. These are all just small side effects of having such a convenient portable system which are definitely not an issue for most shorter trips and really don’t present an issue if you are car camping.

This bottle has become a regular bottle for my day hikes where I have plenty of streams and rivers to pull water from.  However on my longer multi day treks, or in areas where it’s dryer I may not be as inclined to bring this bottle along with me since I’m already going to be bringing a water pump for my larger water supplies and food needs.

LifeStraw Review

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