Kurgo Allagash Bench Seat Cover

As a true weekend warrior our car sees a great deal of dirt, mud, rain snow and everything else that an outdoor enthusiast can throw at it. Combined these elements can’t compare to the abuse that our black lab reigns over our vehicle. Let’s face it, she isn’t the one that saved up thousands of hard earned dollars to just qualify for the auto loan nor does she appreciate what a well refined interior and roomy back seat provides in terms of road trip comfort. Due to these hard facts we decided to test the Kurgo Allagash Bench Seat Cover to protect our car and our wallet.

Out of the box we were happy to see that this cover was one large universal construction of what Kurgo calls their Hydraweave material. In reality it’s a 55” wide piece of fray resistant and waterproof material that incorporates taped seams to completely protect your rear bench seat from the elements. We simply removed the large cover and laid it out on the ground to inspect its noticeable features prior to installing it in the car.



If you are joining your dog for a ride in the back seat Kurgo provides two medium sized storage pockets on the left and right side of the lower cover below the seat cushion level and one large storage pocket in the center. Being constructed from the same Hydraweave material these pockets can hold anything that you wouldn’t want to store on your seats or in the normal seat back pocket. To better assist parents this cover also incorporates child seat latch access that way they can leave the cover installed for whatever length of time they need and still use the seat as intended. The black/green color option really is modern looking but resembles a dark grey at most. The green piping is a welcomed touch and provides a custom feel to the back seat.

Installation turned out to be much easier than expected and can absolutely be done by one person. The 55” width is labeled as “nearly universal” since some larger vehicles may have a rear seat that can’t be completely covered. We fit our Allagash on a new Toyota FJ Cruiser with very little fit issues whatsoever. The cover is secured to the seat with two small yet adjustable straps with buckles around the headrests and one large strap with buckle around the entire seat back. Once snugged the cover fit well with only a small bit of the upper seat being left exposed.


The cover comes with two loops attached to small plastic pipes on the back of the seat cover surface that didn’t seem to be present in the instructions. We wedged them in between the rear seats which acts as a retention system and holds the cover in place when being sat upon. We will report back on this if they are intended to be used differently. Again Kurgo clarifies upfront that is a “nearly universal” design as it’s not a custom piece. The sides of the cover are secured with a stretch chord that wraps around the lower seat cushion and pulls the cover down to hug the seat itself. As our dog seems to have a dance party in the back seat during every car ride this may be a weak point that requires readjustment most often to keep the cover in place.


With the cover securely in place we loaded Gracie into the FJ and spent the day taking her for a joyride followed by her favorite day hike in the local mountains. The two hour drive in each direction was plenty of time for her to bounce back in forth from window to window with drool in hand. I hadn’t experienced the peace of mind before knowing that her paws wouldn’t be tearing the seat surface and her drool wouldn’t be coating the cloth material beyond my cleaning abilities.



So far we have had Gracie on the cover with dirty paws a handful of times and the entire cover has held up well. The material is proving to be durable and most importantly water proof from wet fur. It absolutely will require adjustment as dogs move around but there shouldn’t be much surprise in this. The Hydraweave surface does in fact wipe clean and has been a great solution for protecting our seats.

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