Karun X Bureo Create Sunglasses From Recycled Fishing Net & Carl Zeiss Lenses

Karun X Bureo Newen Sunglasses
“SEA things differently with this collaboration between sustainability & fashion design”

Designed in collaboration with KarunBureo’s Ocean Collection of sunglasses represents the world’s first glasses made from 100% traceable + recycled nylon nets. The frames are designed and sourced in Chile, then made in Italy with Carl Zeiss polarized lenses.

Fishermen off the coast of Chile have to replace their plastic nets nearly every week. Lacking the infrastructure to dispose of waste properly, the nets are either left in the harbor, thrown overboard, or set on fire on the beach. The team at Bureo have set up net collection sites throughout coastal Chile where they melt these nets into pellets and turn those plastic pellets into sunglasses.

Chile fishing village - gearminded.com

Fishing nets in Chile - Gearminded.com

With so many beautiful emotions running through my mind It’s difficult to find a worthy starting point for this article. Karün and Bureo both stand for changing the world around us through understanding that we are simply one of many life forms living on this crowded planet. With Karun’s roots in sustainable, forward thinking eyewear designs and Bureo’s innovative approach to recycling discarded fishing nets from the ocean into high quality plastic, it was only natural for the two companies to join forces. With an estimated 10% of the worlds ocean plastic pollution originating from fishing nets and a current accessories eyewear industry that is factory focused, these new ocean collection shades set out on a mission for change. From the fit to the feel & the performance, the Karün and Bureo sunglasses are true game changers for our those who seek out sustainable products.

This LA-based company was started by three young friends with a grant from Patagonia and a recycled fishing net skateboard. This new collection of sunglasses represents a major step forward in bringing awareness about ocean plastic pollution to the general public. The majority of the population owns at least one pair of plastic sunglasses, none of which are made in a responsible way.

Bureo Ocean Collection - Gearminded.com
Bureo Recycled Plastic Net Sunglasses - Gearminded.com

To learn that the Newen shades on my face were designed after the mighty fin whale was a pretty cool addition to an already meaningful product. Although I grew up on the coast and have a special bond with the ocean, I can imagine that there are plenty of other humans out there that   respect its importance and admire its beauty. Under a similar assumption, many marine life lovers understand the magnificent size and speed of the fin whale. Representing a species that has ben challenged by years of poaching, the Newen sunglass design provides so much more than polarized protection. With a slightly more aggressive look than traditional classic shades, the Newen offered a large coverage area with well designed arms that fit snug but don’t cause pressure points. To see this successful integration of environmental stewardship with innovative business practices is refreshing to say the least. As a community we can still create for profit  businesses that are sustainable for future generations and most importantly, for our planet.

Bureo Ocean Collection Recycled Sunglasses - Gearminded.com

Design features:

  • Contoured design for rigidity and strength
  • Large coverage provides increased protection and field of view
  • Upcycled plastic provides long term durability
  • Carl Zeiss lenses provide premium optical clarity and UV protection
The Ocean Collection features three frames – the Yuco, Newen and Kayu. MSRP $139. The glasses will be sold in key retailers such as Pilgrim Surf + Supply in Brooklyn, NY, Sawyer Land & Sea Supply in Santa Cruz, Calif and Patagonia retail stores throughout the world.

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