JOBY Action Grip & Pole

Let’s face it; the invention of the action cam has only worsened the case of reoccurring jealousy and envy among you and your group of friends. When one person posts an incredible photo or stunning video you break out your cam to one up their best.  If you have been on Instagram lately it’s not hard to realize that you aren’t just competing with your friends but rather a very large community of thrill seekers that are capturing breathtaking footage.

To help you bring your best content to the table JOBY (the makers of the world famous GorillaPod) has designed their Action Grip & Pole. We will start by saying that this isn’t just any camera grip and pole and here’s why:

The JOBY Action Grip works with all devices and is extremely easy to mount. From a GoPro to a Contour Cam or even Sony Action Cam you can rest assured that your device will fit. If you happen to use your smart phone as your weapon of choice Joby has designed this grip to pair seamlessly with their GripTight mount. The Action Grip comes with a ribbed plastic handle for enhanced grip ability and ease of cleaning. Although very basic the plastic proved to be more than adequate with regards to durability.


Upon mounting our GoPro and Contour we were relieved to see how snug the fit was leaving little room for mounting failure. The extra-long tension screw and slightly forward facing mounting bracket make adjustments rapidly quick all while remaining secure.

At 90 grams the Action Grip floats well without any further accessories or attachments. Whether we were in the pool or attempting to film a surf video this grip remained afloat without device attached. We tested it in both standing water as well as in fairly rough surf with no problems what so ever. If you value your possessions as much as we do we still see it acceptable to place a float on your cam. Especially when surfing in turbulent conditions, you simply never know what the ocean will throw at you. For all other water sports including wake boarding this grip is more than capable in bringing your best-captured moments back to the surface.


The most valuable aspect of this new grip is the ability to alter its length with accommodates your environment. If you simply want to create a longer selfie stick Joby sells their Action Pole to thread directly into the grip. The adjustment opportunities are seemingly endless with this design as a painter’s pole or broomstick (3/4”-5tpi) threads perfectly into both the grip and pole. If you are looking for a filming tool to bring your footage to life than the JOBY Action Grip & Pole are worthy companions. Many grips and sticks are limited to sports that are up close and personal to the camera while filming. That’s where this setup surpasses the rest. Grab a painters pole or two, thread on your grip and we are confident that you will be occupied for quite some time.

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