Jelly Skateboards

Based in San Diego, CA, Jelly Skateboards are built with bulletproof see through glass giving it the impressive flex of a snowboard and the fluid flow of a surfboard. Bulletproof glass provides more than a stylish ride and an incredible view; it enhances the technical aspect by increasing stability, improving durability, and functionality. All this is made possible by using high impact engineering grade materials that is CNC cut to exact tolerances that meet the criteria of fit, form, and function all while being 100% recyclable under sorting classification ‘7’. There are two types of boards available: KingSlayer with kicktail and the Man O’ War.


Jelly Skateboards have partnered with Block Risers to include a special truck/riser compartment designed to stash items such as cash and keys. It also allows the rider to attach a GoPro camera and capture video from the skateboarder’s point of view.


Jelly Skateboard Features:

goBLOCK: Mount your sports camera for a unique view. Less vibrations and killer POV

StashBLOCK: Store your personal possessions privately

Jelly Skateboards: Designed to give you the flex of a snowboard and the flow of a surfboard

KingSlayer with Kicktail: Regular board

Man O’ War: Longboard

50% of the profits will be dedicated to the Life Rolls On Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for young people affected by spinal cord injuries

Jelly Skateboards and Block Risers have launched through Indiegogo:

With many options available, the most popular is the Man O’War Block Combo: One Man O’War Longboard, one GoBlock, and one StashBlock. This combo retails for $246. Early bird pledges save $129 through Indiegogo.

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