Hydra-Light Saltwater Powered Lantern

Salt powered light

Salt and water equals light and charging power! The all-new Hydra-Light lantern is the first saltwater-powered USB charger and light.  No batteries required, it’s the perfect tech gadget for every outdoor enthusiast. It’s perfect for camping, boating and anywhere you may need a portable light source.

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Eliminating wasteful battery usage, the eco-friendly The Hydra-Light Saltwater Charger & Light charges its internal EnergyCell PowerRod using a mix of table salt and water or even natural saltwater. The light has also has advantages over solar – there’s no need to charge for hours and a single unit runs over 250 hours, the equivalent of 85 conventional AA batteries.

Salt power light



PL-500 Personal Lantern features:

  • Battery-free technology. Just add salt-water to activate

  • Efficient LED personal portable lantern

  • Standard USB port & 2.5mm jack for charging external
    devices and powering AL-100 Accessory Light

  • 16 bright, long-life LEDs

  • Folding handle

PL-500 Specs

  • Power Source – Proprietary salt water EnergyCell

  • Light Source – 16 long-life LEDs

  • Charging Ports – standard USB & 2.5mm DC

  • Dimensions – approximately 11.7″ high, 3.8″ diameter

  • Runtime – 250+ hours per PowerRod

  • Attachments  – AL-100 Accessory Light

  • Recyclable materials – yes

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