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Gevenalle announces today the introduction of their cross specific derailleur pulley set. The set is also available as part of their complete BURD CX derailleurs.

Gevenalle continues to make a name for itself as the durable and dirt focused option with products tailored to perform in abusive environments. The team has completely rethought the way shifting, gearing and derailleurs should be designed to better meet the needs of cyclocross.

Designed in collaboration with bearing specialist Kogel, the CX Pulley Set utilizes machined alloy jockey wheels and element proof double seals. The result is a component that will not only perform better for longer, but also provide ongoing savings by enabling users to service the pulleys and replace the seals as needed.

CX-Bike-Pulley CX-Derailleur


  • Alloy jockey wheels for longer life in the mud and grit
  • Heavy duty bearing seals for better protection against contamination
  • Additional bearing protection provided with machined alloy cover plates
  • Replaceable bearing seals for easy user servicing
  • Compatible with Gevenalle BURD and Shimano derailleurs.


  • $69 – CX Pulley Set.
  • $99 – B.U.R.D. rear derailleur with Gevenalle CX pulleys.
  • $6 – Replacement seal sets. (it will be a while before you need them as seals are re-usable and derailleur and pulley sets ship with additional replacement set).
    • Add to this Gevenalle’s $34 rebuild service should you somehow wreck a pair and you are well ahead of the competition. While a majority of brands expect you to ride and replace your parts when they break (as they are not often serviceable) Gevenalle hopes you prefer to simply Ride, Repair and Repeat!

About Gevenalle: Founded in 2011, Gevenalle is based out of Portland OR, making innovative and durable shifting solutions for cyclocross, as well as offerings for gravel/touring and urban cyclists. Products are assembled in Portland OR using foreign and American made parts.

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