Fugoo Outdoor Speaker Full Review

The Fugoo wireless speaker is an absolute beast. This little unit exudes quality in almost every way. The construction is super-solid, the materials look good and feel great to the touch, the sound quality is excellent for 95% of situations, the battery lasts forever, oh and did we mention that its completely waterproof? Dust proof?Shock and drop proof!

For people that love the outdoors AND music, this is a pure delight. Take the Fugoo with you ANYWEHRE: swimming, surfing, kayaking, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, rock climbing, camping etc. It’s small size makes it easy to slip into any bag or backpack, or simply use the straps and/or connectors (sold separately) and place it directly onto your bike, boat or board. Fugoo really put a lot of thought into the way people will use this product and it shows. The connector kit allows you to strap, clip, mount and secure the unit to just about anything – meaning hands (and worry) free utility, leaving you free to enjoy whatever you’re doing.

From the get go, the Fugoo was a breeze to operate – it even speaks to you – letting you know when it turns on, what mode it is in, the battery level etc. This is genius as we’ve struggled with a number of bluetooth speakers before, unable to understand the random series of blinking lights and beeps.

The speaker connects seamlessly with any bluetooth enabled device, but also has the option to go the old fashion way and connect via AUX. Charging is simple and fast and the light will let you know when your speaker is ready to rock.

The sound quality is very impressive. What really impressed us about the sound was not so much its overall volume abilities (as it starts to struggle a little with distortion at it’s max volume) but rather its overall quality. The full & warm low-end that the Fugoo puts out has has many of our friends wearing shocked and awed faces as they realize that what they are hearing is coming out of this pint-sized powerhouse. High notes are crisp, mids are utterly musical and the sound fills any space with natural ease.

Changing the Fugoo’s outer casing is a great feature. Simply slide the cases on and off (with the exception of the tough case – which requires a little more tool time). The ability to switch between a classy, sophisticated Style case, to the indestructible tough case, make this already versatile speaker a truly competent all-rounder in the aesthetics departments. It looks as elegant on the shelf as it does tough on the trail.

We tested the Fugoo with endless hours of playback, covering a host of musical genres in a myriad of environments. From the home to the beach, surfing, swimming, kayaking, walking, driving, dining, hanging out and kicking back. The audio unit quickly became a favorite – like a new friend that just fits right in from the moment you meet. The fugoo now goes everywhere with us – sometimes just ‘in case’ we spontaneously hit the beach, or the hiking trails, or we end up at a bonfire and want to take the mood to the next level. The grin our faces was simply priceless as we kayaked the Southern California Coastline listening to our favorite tunes.

I have 2 very minor dents in an otherwise flawless unit. These are the decreased sound quality at max volume and the vulnerability to rust if you use the Fugoo in a salt water setting. Both of these issues are miles away from being deal breakers in our minds, but they were noticed nonetheless.

When in a larger outdoor space, with a lot of people and background noise, you want to turn the Fugoo onto Loud mode, and then max the volume. This however seems to almost push the speakers too far as its low end stunning sound quality is let down by periodic distortion – the result of small speakers working too hard.

When using the Fugoo at the beach or in the surf, be sure to wash and rinse the unit thoroughly with fresh water, as we began to see spots of rust develop from under-zealous rinsing. This issue does not effect the core unit, but mainly the Tough case – which you have to remember is easily replaceable, should the worst happen and your tough case tarnishes.

Overall, we couldn’t be happier with this little piece of outdoor audio gear. Its ease of use, quality of build and versatility make it the perfect companion on any outdoor (or indoor for that matter) adventure, bringing the world around you into a new dimension of vivacity as you get to do whatever makes you feel alive, all the while accompanied by the symphonies of your favorite sounds.


• Solid Construction (basically indestructible)

• Awesome sound quality at moderate volume

• Incredible bass response

• Super easy to use (it talks to you!)

• Long battery Life

• Ridiculously portable

• Aesthetically pleasing

• Highly adaptable (change casings, fittings, bindings etc)

• Completely water/dust/snow/sand/shock proof

• Wireless connectivity via bluetooth

• Can take phone calls

• Battery level indicator


• Premium price (compared to other waterproof bluetooth audio units)

• Poor sound quality at high* volumes (*max volume in Loud mode)

• Requires fresh water rinse after salt water use – Potential for small metal parts to rust

Written and photographed by Stuart Dooley

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