FootBalance QuickFit Yellow

8 Everyday Support

Most athletes will agree that all forms of footwear these days require a custom insole to release the shoes performance characteristics. If this is the case then why are your everyday shoes any different? I myself have suffered from tendonitis of the foot for quite some time. After a typical work day it’s not uncommon to experience pulsing heel pain which makes its way through the Achilles. After the trial and error of wearing different shoes I am convinced that I need to replace every cheap insole on every pair of shoes that I own. Even if you spent $200 on a pair of shoes it’s very likely that the insole is sub-par to meet your body’s needs.

This is where FootBalance enters the conversation to offer up an everyday solution right out of the box. The QuickFit Yellow is a self-customizing footbed designed to be used with your casual footwear for everyday use.  With a slight mix of shock absorption and support we felt the reduced impact on our heel especially when wearing low profile shoes with thin sole. The QuickFit Yellow is ready to wear out of the box as it molds to your shape over the first few wears from natural heat production.  This model is sold pre molded in the box and simply completes its shape while in use.

These footbeds worked so well on us due to our medium arch and its vulnerability to impact and soreness. Given its medium to high arch effectiveness this model better serves a narrower foot while other models are cut to work with a larger width. The QuickFit Yellow fit seamlessly in our casual work shoes and quickly replaced the extra think foam liner that previously in them. Although they haven’t cured any of our pain issues we have definitely taken three steps forward in finding comfort and relief.

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