Foot Flops Heat Moldable Flip Flops

Foot Flops, the stylish, high-quality, heat-moldable, flip-flop sandal company launches on Foot Flops take flip-flops to the next level, providing instant comfort with superior arch-support and fit, eliminating the painful break-in time of other flip-flops.

The process of molding Foot Flops only takes 15 minutes. Simply place the Foot Flops in your oven for 5 minutes between 200 and 250 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on your desired mold depth. Then press your feet into the Foot Flops and distribute your weight evenly, while rocking back and forth.

“We want to revolutionize the flip flop industry by bringing a durable, fashionable, heat-moldable flip flop to market,” Foot Flops co-founder Tom Fay said. “Flip flops and sandals haven’t been significantly redesigned for comfort since the Greeks created them. We are bringing modern innovations and materials to this classic invention.


Foot Flops crowd funding campaign begain September 2, 2015, and runs on Kickstarter for 45 days. Foot Flops aims to raise $40,000 for manufacturing, infrastructure, and design costs.

The Kickstarter campaign offers the Classic Foot Flop at the discounted price of $30 per pair. If the Foot Flops team reaches their funding goal, they look forward to unlocking their premium heat-moldable, leather-based pair.  The highest reward offered will be priced at $7,500 and will give backers a chance to visit Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where Foot Flops is based..


In conjunction with their company, Foot Flops has started a nonprofit called the Walk Tall Foundation that will donate a pair of Foot Flops for every pair purchased.


“It’s imperative that children in second and third world countries also have adequate foot wear,” Foot Flops co-founder Jamie Mackay said.


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