First Surfable Board From 100% Agave by Gary Linden & Cuervo

Big Wave Legend Gary Linden and Jose Cuervo Tradicional Create Surfable Surfboards Made of Recycled Agave

Gary Linden, legendary surfboard designer, has created ridable surfboards made of recylced agave, in partnership with Jose Cuervo Tradicional. Jose Cuervo Tradicional is excited to partner with a creative maker like Linden to discover new means to use the agave plant beyond tequila.

Agave plant surfboard

Linden and Jose Cuervo have been working in parallel paths over the past few years to work out ways the agave plant can be used, once the pina has been harvested for tequila-making. Gary Linden is passionate about creating a 100% sustainable surf board, and believes agave is the ideal material. He traveled to the Jose Cuervo distillery in La Rojeña to study agave’s intricacies with Cuervo’s distillery team of experts, known as the Jose Cuervo Foundation. Utilizing new agave-based innovations – agave paper, juice, resin and sisal fabric – Gary Linden has created four new agave boards in partnership with Jose Cuervo Tradicional and its team of surf ambassadors.

Jose Cuervo has had its feet in the sand since the 1960’s. From surf contests like the Hawaiian “Cuervo Classic” to AVP volleyball tours throughout the 90’s and 2000’s, it’s no wonder the beach-bound think of Jose Cuervo when they think beach culture. Surfers themselves embody the Cuervo lifestyle: riding the perfect blend of joviality and 100% authenticity. Together, Cuervo and surfing share a passion for adventure, history, innovation, craft, tradition and discovery.

Jose Cuervo Surfboard

“Somewhere along the line, it occurred to me that it should be possible to make the whole board from agave. Not only did this appeal to my ‘waste not, want not’ nature, but I wanted to prove that a sustainable, all-natural surfboard is possible,” says Linden. “This could not have been done without the Jose Cuervo Foundation, which provided me all the materials, research, and guidance I needed in working with the agave plant. This is only the beginning of the many innovative uses we can find for the agave plant.”

Current surfboards in the collection include:

5’6” Agave Twin Fin – Made exclusively for Jose Cuervo Tradicional Surf Ambassador Kassia Meador, the twin fin possesses unmatched maneuverability to suit Kassia’s dance-like surf style.

5’9” Agave Quad – A true high performance board, the 5’9” Agave Quad can be ridden on some of the world’s heaviest waves.

9’8” Agave Gun – Made exclusively for Jose Cuervo Tradicional Surf Ambassador Alex Gray to ride at Todos.

9’2” Agave Fabric-Laminated Gun – Together, Gary and the Jose Cuervo Foundation discovered an 8 oz agave woven fabric to replace fiberglass.

6’2” 100% Agave Round Tail – Version #2 of 2015’s 100% agave board, Linden has improved on his initial design using agave-based stalk, paper and resin in his ongoing journey to make a surfable 100% agave board.


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